Too Many Cars Are Sitting on Auto Factory Lots

And How YOU Can Take Advantage of It

Right now, something unusual is happening at auto manufacturers and car dealerships across America.


It’s now common to see rows and rows of sparkling new vehicles sitting at car assembly plants and dealership lots.                                                                                                                                                       

But automakers are still creating new models and sending brand-new cars and SUVs to dealerships everywhere. And Auto dealerships realize they have way too many vehicles sitting around - more cars than they can possibly move - waiting to be sold.

It’s a Fact, New Car Sales are Slowing

According to The Wall Street Journal, there were 3.95 million vehicles on dealership lots at the end of January 2019, a 4% increase from December and up nearly 3% from the prior-year January.

And with sales slowing down, the manufacturers and dealerships need to work harder to sell cars and SUVs.

Car manufacturers and dealers are flush with unsold cars – and that’s good news for you

If dealerships can’t pick up their sales, they could lose significant profits. And with auto factories continuing to churn out new cars and SUVs, this means you can probably buy a brand-new vehicle at a lower price.

How Car Companies Sell Unsold Inventory

With all of this extra inventory, Car companies and dealerships across the country are desperate to make sales. And this is excellent news for anyone who’s looking to buy a new car or SUV.

That means dealerships and auto companies will have to compete with each other for your money. This is going to force dealerships to lower prices, offer significant incentives, and give out unusually large discounts just to make sales.

And The Good News For Anyone Buying a New Car Is…

As the number of available new cars and SUVs continues to increase, buyers will have more choices than ever before. Plus, Incentives are growing, giving you a chance to get a considerable discount on the new car or SUV of your choice.

Incentives Are Up, and Prices Are Down

You can expect incentives and deals to only get better as new cars and SUVs sit unsold for more extended periods of time. But, to take advantage of them, you should first do a search online of the cars, and the available incentives in your area.

Find The Car of Your Dreams At a Price You Can Afford

With automakers and dealerships competing for your business, you should take the time to compare prices and incentives. See what different dealers can offer you – and where you can find the best savings.

So, go ahead and search the ads on the next page for a brand-new car or SUV that fits your budget and lifestyle.

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