4 Germ Infested Zones In A Hotel Room

Your bed is your own space. Yes, you might share that space with a significant other but you will still be the only ones to occupy that bed. This isn’t the situation when you check into a hotel room. You will literally be stepping into a room that has been used by hundreds and maybe thousands of other people. Each one of those persons could have been carrying a cold or flu virus. The hope is that the hotel cleaning staff is on top of their game and will make that room as germ free as possible before you roll your bags inside. Even then, you might still want to be aware of the 4 more germ infested zones in your hotel room. Did you pack sanitizing wipes?

The TV Remote

Of course the TV remote is going to be loaded with germs. Everyone that comes into that room is going to pick up that remote. Everyone. This is also something that is not always wiped down by the cleaning staff. Yes, the remove might be strategically placed by the bed but it will still be loaded with germs.

Bed Comforters

You can always count on clean sheets after every night in a hotel room. What about a clean comforter? Not so much. You know how hard it is to clean you own comforter at home. Imagine if you had a hundred of those to clean every day? It just isn’t going to happen. You might be better off to peel that comforter away and not use it at all. Call up for extra blankets if you get cold.

Drinking Glasses

If there are individually wrapped plastic cups in your bathroom, then you’re golden. If you have actual glasses with those little paper covers, then you might want to do an extra wash down before use. You might also have a mini coffee station with mugs in the room. Yes, wash that down, too.

Light Switches

Here is one you probably didn’t think about but is to obvious: Light switches both on the wall and on lamps. Like the TV remote, these items are going to be touched a lot and hardly every wiped down. They also have the added bonus of being touched before hands are washed.

None of this should put you off staying in hotel rooms. Just be aware of what you’re walking into and take a few extra seconds for cleaning. Those germs you’re getting rid of might just be your next cold!