4 Perks to Having a Dog as Your Pet

If you own a dog, you probably know what joy feels like and what happiness they bring to you. If you don’t have a dog then we are here to tell you having a dog in your life is one of life’s pure joys!

Dogs are not just your daily companions; they are much more than that. People who own a dog know the love and special bond they feel from their beloved pooch.  They are going to love you unconditionally and protect you, no matter what. And although dogs can’t talk, they do speak to us in different ways.

The 4 Perks…

Here are 4 benefits of owning a dog, mind you, the list for dog ownership is much longer but here are some of our top reasons:

  • Dogs boost up your mood:

Owning pets literally brings down the depression rate and makes you feel happier and lighter. They aid in bringing a positive outlook of life for you and this has been proven through various studies. The human and animal relationship is an amazing thing and it touches the human heart directly. There is nothing more pure than a love relation between an animal and a human as it fosters in different ways. Petting your dog or watching them run to you and cuddle with you is one of the best feelings in the world and it reduces stress largely. Researches show that owning a dog brings down the stress hormone level and it subside the negativity unlike anything else.

  • Healthier Heart:

Petting a dog is known to lower the heart rate and yes, science has proven this after a lot of proper studies. People who own dogs have healthier hearts. Also, a dog owner is more likely to recover from a heart attack much faster and better than people who don’t own a pet.

  • You feel safe and sound:

Dogs are amazing when it comes to increasing security in your home.  This is one of the biggest perks of owning a dog and why many families own dogs.  They tend to always be on alert. A dog barks if he senses some strange movement or sees an unfamiliar face within the house.  And yes, there are some breeds of dogs that do make better security guard’s.

  • Your kids won’t be allergic:

If someone tells you that owning pets and specifically dogs can bring in various allergies, you need to avoid it because that is so not true. Studies show that kids who are raised in a house that has a dog in it are less likely to develop any kind of allergies. Having a dog in your house can boost your child’s immunity system.


Owning a dog is a great experience. You don’t ever feel lonely and they are one of the most loyal and great companions to have in your life. They lift up your mood whenever you are low and a dog cuddle is incomparable. If you are planning to get a dog for yourself; first look into your local shelter.  There are many great dogs that are in need of a permanent home – and soon they will have a permanent place in your heart.