4 Steps To Get Everything Done In Your Day

Do you often have the feeling that your day has “gotten away from you?” That is not uncommon. Even with the support of technology, it still seems like a busy life gets in the way of accomplishing the tasks at hand. There are ways to reframe your day and get score those accomplishments. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Set the Priority

The first thing you need to figure is what will be the priority of the day. This is the task that should be foremost on your schedule. It could be a work assignment or an errand. Whatever the priority, lock it down when you first get out of bed. If it helps, then write it out the night before and have that note pad be the first thing you see in the morning.

Step 2: Focus

Once you’ve set the priority of the day, you have to focus on it like a laser. This means removing distractions. The biggest distraction for most people is to fall down the “rabbit hole” of checking in with social media. If you’re active in any conversations, then you’ll want to review and post new comments. There is nothing wrong with that but it should only happen in your downtime. Even if you commute to work, you can get distracted by news and posts. It is better to work out the steps needed to complete the priority task of the day. 

Step 3: Power Up

Hopefully, you will have gotten a good night’s rest. That is going to be a major influence on how successful you’ll be. But it is not just about the rest. It is also about giving your body the fuel it needs to get through the day. That means powering up with a healthy breakfast and lunch. Healthy is the key word here. You don’t want to eat the kinds of foods that might cause “issues” later on. It might also help to take the occasional break. If possible, then go outside for a dose of sun induced Vitamin D. Just don’t let that break take you away from the priority.

Step 4: Review

When the day is done and the task has been completed, take a few moments to review how things got done. What got in the way? Did you finish ahead of time? What improvements can you make on your next priority task?

You might already be incorporating some of this reframing in your daily life. Any time you devote to just thinking about accomplishing a task is going to help support your goal.