4 Of The Weirdest World Records Ever

Believe it or not, the Guinness Book of World Records got its start as a way of settling bar bets. It was Sir Hugh Beaver, boss of the Guinness Breweries, who went on a shooting trip and got into a dustup over which bird was faster the golden plover or the grouse. It was the plover, but Sir Hugh realized there were probably other “friendly discussions” like this happening in pubs all over Ireland. This was 1951, long before you could Google your way out of a bar bet. Sir Hugh teamed up with a couple of number crunching wonks and published the first Guinness Book of World Records in 1955. It was an instant hit. Since then folks have been trying all kinds of crazy stunts to break a record. Some of it these records are pure genetics as in shortest and tallest dude, the lady with the longest beard or oldest living twins. As for the other insanity, it’s ill-intentioned. Here then are some of Weirdest World Records on record.

Most Spoons On a Human Body

This distinct honor goes to Tbilisi resident Etibar Elchiyev. He holds the record of 50 spoons magnetized to his body. There is a lot to unpack here with Etibar. How did he discover spoons would stick to him? Was he nervous on the day he went to break his record? Did he run out of spoons or could he have gone to 75? As with many of these records you have to ask, “Why is this a record?” Don’t ask that. Just know that somewhere in Tbilisi the Spoon Guy is enjoying his fame.

Most People Applying Facial Masks for Ten Minutes

Sometimes the fun of breaking a world record is when you can do it with your friends or your entire village. There have been records broken for the most people hula hooping, tap dancing and dressed as cosplay superheroes but none of those records are truly weird. Cut to Taipei, July 28, 2013. That’s when 1,213 people gathered to apply face masks for ten minutes. Oddly, enough there was no previous record for this feat. It’s also a record that stands. Good work, people.

Most Bees Covering Your Body

For years the record of most bees covering your body stood at 59 pounds. Beekeeper She Ping of China would have none of that. He knew his bees and knew he could beat the record. It was a cloudy day in April 2012 when Ping called forth the hives. When it was all over, 331,000 bees covered Ping. That is 73 pounds of buzzings, and it left that previous record in the dust.

Most Concrete Blocks Broken While Holding A Raw Egg

For the record, Joe Alexander broke 24 blocks while holding a raw egg in his hand. Yes, this was the same hand he used to break the blocks. It wouldn’t be much of a record if you held it in your other hand.

Obviously, you can make up anything to become a world record holder. Have you ever thought about breaking a world record? Did you ever join up with a group for this kind of event? Fame awaits.