4 Workouts You Can Do in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Want to stay in shape, but have no time to make it to the gym? Don’t worry Zagline has you covered with workouts you can complete in almost any open space. There is no longer an excuse for laying around the house when you could be working on your fitness at your leisure.

Yoga – The Best Way to Perfect Your Handstand

Yoga can be practiced almost anywhere if space is allotted. There are a ton of different variations from hot to aerial, but the most basic yoga practice requires only your body. Yoga offers a great regime for not only improving flexibility but strength. Yoga incorporates controlled breathing which helps de-stress and clear the mind. Moreover, yoga focuses on composed and concise body movements. Each stance is meant to isolate, stretch, and strengthen a different body part.

Fun Fact: People who practice yoga on the regular are often referred to as “yogis”. You too can join the “yogi” family and by starting your practice today.

Pilates – Serve As Your Own Weight Resistance 

Like yoga, Pilates can be performed in almost any location. Overtime Pilates can dramatically change the way your body looks and feels. Pilates builds strength without the need for any additional equipment. During your workout your body mass you weight. Many of the stances incorporate balancing and shifting your body weight to one side of your body. Constant practice will result in a sleek, toned body, and a flat abdomen. Pilates is an incredibly safe, and teaches you about body awareness, posture, and graceful movements. Moreover, Pilates promises to improve flexibility, agility, and the economy of motion.

Fun Fact: Pilates isn’t considered a cardio workout due to the incorporation of low-impact moves.

Tai Chi – Flow Your Body into Fitness 

Tai Chi is often associated with elderly people in the park, due to their appearance in a number of film mediums. However, this activity doesn’t discriminate with age. The practice is performed in a slow focused manner. It features deep breathing with each posture flowing into the next without a pause. The act of Tai Chi is quite graceful, as your whole body stays in motion during the entirety of the workout. The practice of Tai Chi can go back more than 2,500 years. Practicing tai chi is said to emphasize and improve internal energy.

Fun Fact: Tai chi is believed to delay aging and prolong life. It has also been known to help treat illnesses like high blood pressure, arthritis, and digestive order. Moreover, the daily practice of tai chi is said to help your overall mental health.

Aerobics – Colorful Jumpsuit and Headband Optional

Aerobics was one of the most popular workout styles in the 90s and there’s a reason why. It incorporates large fast movements and heavy lifting. It’s meant to improve muscle strengthening and agility. This workout will have you gasping for air after a few minutes. Chances are you’ve already practiced aerobics in the past. Aerobics is defined as any exercise that makes you sweat, increases breathing and heart rate.

Fun Fact: Aerobics has been known to train your cardiovascular system, allowing more oxygen to be delivered throughout the body. Moreover, it has been known to improve an individual’s sense of rhythm over time. The term aerobic refers to how your body uses oxygen to sufficiently meet energy demands during exercise.