5 Healthy Habits That Are Easy to Follow and Can Change Your Life

Yes, we all know that we have to eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep in order to lead healthier lives and achieve our weight loss goals.  However, ‘knowing’ is always easier than ‘doing.’

The tough part is coming up with a strategy that we can work into our daily routine that we can stick to and do every day.

That’s why, here at Zagline, we are going to list 5 ways to help you create a strategy that is i) easy to follow and ii) easy to commit to every day.

You see, once you have a strategy, and have mastered these 5 habits, then incorporating other healthy habits will be much easier to achieve.

So, without further ado – here’s our starting list of 5 healthy habits that are easy to follow! 

1. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before each meal. 

A lot of people think they are hungry when in fact, they are really thirsty. Studies suggest, drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before meal time will keep you from overeating and keep you hydrated.  And if you think regular old water is boring then try adding a few ingredients like cucumber slices or infusing it with fresh fruit or mint.  You may end drinking more than you expected. 

2. Commit to 20 minutes.

Just 20 minutes of exercise can be impactful, and it’s totally manageable. Choose something that works for you, whether it’s yoga, a walk with a girlfriend, a living room workout, or treadmill and Netflix. Whatever it is, just move!  Soon, you’ll discover that you can fit in 20 minutes into your schedule. 

3. For a Balanced Meal Remember The ‘Key 3’

Not sure what to eat? Not the meal-prep type? No problem! If you’re not sure what to eat or if you’re eating out more often than not, make sure you always have the “key three” on your plate: protein, healthy fat, and carbs –which should ideally come from veggies. Just by following this simple guideline you will be making big changes and healthier choices. 

4. Step away from the sugar…

Listen, if you add sugar to your coffee or tea, or like to drink sodas – we know it’s not easy to quit cold turkey. So, try cutting your sugar portion in half to start and weaning yourself off sugar over the week.

Instead of reaching for that Pepsi or diet Coke try ice-cold water instead (as mentioned in step 1). Better yet, squeeze some lemon juice or add a slice of cucumber —within a day or two, you won’t even notice the missing sugar, but your body will thank you.

5. Don’t deprive yourself but do challenge yourself…

Small steps lead to big changes, and pretty soon, these easy tweaks will help you create your new routine without all the fuss. You’ll you feel better, stronger, and even happier taking control… and by easing into it with little changes, you will be making a big difference in your life.