5 Smart Ways to Boost Your Energy

Throughout the day, our energy levels fluctuate. In the morning after waking up, we might feel ready to take on the day. By midafternoon, all of that morning energy has seemingly evaporated. Sometimes when working on a project or managing family time, we need to pull on energy reserves. It helps if the “tank” is always full.

Here are some smart ways to boost your energy:

Avoid Sugar

Anyone who works in an office will be treated to the occasional three-o’clock cake break. That is usually when birthdays are celebrated and cake is handed out. For many this is a welcome break because that dose of sugary icing is just the ticket to power you through the rest of the day, right? Wrong. Although you might experience that initial “sugar rush” what will show up right behind that is the “sugar crash.” That could end up leaving you’re even more tired than you were before. Having a snack in between meals can provide an energy boost but you want to look for snacks that can offer up sustained energy. Consider Greek yogurt, nuts or fresh fruits for those mid-afternoon slumps. All of that works in a smoothie, too!

Back Off on the Java Jolt

If you’re a coffee drinker, then you know what a boost that caffeine can provide especially in the morning when you’re still feeling a bit groggy. There is nothing wrong with having a cup of coffee to get you going. It is the continual cups of coffee throughout the day that can become problematic. One cup after another can trigger feelings of restlessness and nervousness. Instead of being able to focus on a project, all that caffeine can have the opposite effect. Does that mean you need to kick the coffee habit for better energy? Not at all. You just need to space out those cups. It also helps to drink coffee with a healthy snack. That can slow down the release of caffeine for an “even flow.”

Get Moving

Exercise is one of those activities that help fill up that energy tank. You might feel tired after working out but you’ve set your body into motion in a way that can improve your brain function. Even the simple act of walking for 40 minutes, three times a week can provide you with that brain boost. The fact that you’ll be getting into better shape is an added bonus!

Consider Supplements

It would be great if every meal we consumed was a balance of all the needed nutrients, minerals and vitamins our bodies need for a boost. Unfortunately, forever a big salad there is a “fast” meal that might have nutrients gaps. Supplements are the best way to fill those gaps. There are a lot of supplement options to consider. Start with looking for brands that have been FDA-approved. Then consider the specific benefits of those supplements and what your needs are. It is important to be consistent when taking them. Set those reminders on your phone.

Get Out into Nature

Don’t you always feel better after spending time outdoors? The primary reason for that is the sun giving your body an infusion of vitamin D. It is also hard to be stressed when you’re sitting under a tree or feeding squirrels. That is why you want to try and squeeze in some outdoor time every day. If you bring your lunch to work, then find a bench outside to eat it on. Take a stroll after dinner. It will all add up.