5 Smart Ways To Make Money On The Side

The short answer to the question, “Would you like some extra money?” will always be a resounding, “Yes!” This will mean a little effort on your part but you might be surprised to learn just how easy it is to make money on the side from your regular job. Here are time ideas to consider:

1. Turn Your Car Into A Mobile Billboard

Companies use a variety of methods to get the message out about their brand. Good old-fashioned billboard advertising is still very popular. Search out websites for mobile advertisement. This means attaching promotional materials to your car and going about your business. Depending on the contract, you’ll only be asked to drive a certain amount of miles each month. At the end of the contract, the banners come off and you collect anywhere between $400 to $900 just to drive around.

2. Work At Starbucks

Technically, this wouldn’t be as much as making money on the side as getting an actual second job. However, depending on your current situation, working at Starbucks can put a lot of money in your pocket from all the “extras.” For instance, you only need to work 20 hours a week for many benefits like healthcare, dental and vision insurance to kick in. That is going to save you a lot. Starbucks also offers partial tuition payment reimbursements. Now you’re saving money on a higher education. You also get a paid vacation. You need to work there at least three months before the benefits start and obviously, you have to stay there to reap the rewards. Throw in all the lattes you can drink and it’s a pretty sweet deal.

3. Sell Stuff

You might have a lot of things in your garage, closet or attic that you would like to get rid of. Instead of tossing it out, why not put it up for sale? Along with Craigslist, there are dozens of sites that let you list just about any type of item for sale. The more you list, the greater your chance of selling it. When all your stuff is gone, you might start looking around at family member or friend’s home and help them sell things and you collect a commission. Everybody wins!

4. Rent A Room Or Garage

If your kids have moved out and you’ve got some spare room, then you might want to bring in a roommate. This is a great way to generate a dependable revenue stream. Before you dive into the tenant/landlord arena, do some research. There are some lease agreements you can download for free. You might also want to check out the local regulations in your area to make sure you’re in compliance. Of course, you could also rent out your garage for storage and a lot less hassle.

5. Run Errands

Putting mobile advertisements on your car isn’t the only way to make money from your car. You could become a driver for a ride sharing program like Uber or Lyft. You can even rent out your car like you would on AirBnb. Another option would be to run errands for folks in your neighborhood or apartment building. Not everyone can get around like they used to and would appreciate a trip to the store for a nominal fee. All of that work can be done outside your primary job. You take on as little or as much as you can handle.

Are you ready to earn some extra money?