5 Steps on Becoming an eBay Success Story

As with Amazon, eBay started out in one direction and quickly “exploded” to become a dominant online selling/buying tool. With Amazon, it was books. With eBay, it was collectibles. The best way to think of eBay is as an online yard sale. However, many merchants on eBay are doing a brisk business selling all kinds of commercial goods like new plasma TVs, Smartphones, and cameras. It is not a stretch to imagine that becoming a successful eBay seller can be your full-time job. That can translate into a lot of money flowing into your PayPal account. Who can argue with that?

Do you have what it takes to be an eBay mogul? Of all the businesses you could run from home, selling on eBay might just be the easiest regarding support and resources. Yes, you’ll still have to do a little legwork to acquire products to sell. And yes, you need to come up with some catchy copy. However, those are challenges that are easy to conquer once you set your mind to the task. Here are some tips that could turn you into the next eBay mogul.

Find A Niche

As with Amazon, you can find practically anything on eBay and not just from one seller. Still, you need to find a niche for your eBay store. First stop would be to the eBay listings to see exactly what they are selling. Because you’re starting out, you probably want to avoid the big-ticket items like those flatscreens and Smartphones unless you can score an unbelievable Black Friday kind of a deal. Instead, try to carve out a little corner of eBay where you can not only find products but also sell with authority.

Sell With Authority

Where have I heard that before? Right, just above! No matter what you sell on eBay, you want to be able to know that product inside and out. Not only does this include the price range but also things like rarity, condition and other buzzwords that would make your products appeal to a buyer. Just because you know nothing about Disneyana doesn’t mean you can’t become an expert with a little research.


ABL stands for “Always Be Learning.” Although it doesn’t sound grammatically correct, you get the idea. The best place to continue learning about eBay is from eBay. They will often hold eBay university workshops around the country. There are scores of books on eBay selling and eBay live is going provide you with the latest and greatest in selling tips.

Get Your Business Smarts On

When you turn selling on eBay into a fulltime business, you have to treat it as such. Not only will you need to learn about eBay but also about how to do business in your state. For instance, you might consider obtaining a sales tax number and setting up a corporation for your business. You’ll also want to keep strict records of all your expenses and earnings for the taxman.

Activate The Automation

Finally, you might want to check out an auction management service. This is a very helpful service that can free you from the “busy” work of maintaining your various auctions and instead allow you to focus on things like acquiring new products, shipping, and copywriting.

Above all else, you want to be the kind of seller that customers can trust. Respond quickly to queries. Handle complains with efficiency. The higher your trust rankings go, the better off you’ll be. Are you ready to start selling on eBay to bring in the cash?