5 Unique Pets To Add To Your “Zoo”

When it comes to pet ownership, we’ve firmly established that we’re living in a dog and cat kind of a world. However, some other pet options will set you apart from the leash and collar set. On many levels, these unique pets require the same kind of care and devotion to any pet. You still have to feed them. Still, have to keep them clean. Still, take them to the vet. You’ll just be getting a lot more stares. If you’re looking to broaden your pet horizons, why not consider these unique pets.

The Capybara

Who doesn’t love a cute little guinea pig? You can pick them up and put them in your pocket and build big habit trails for them. None of that is going to happen with a Capybara. These are technically the largest rodents in the world that can be up to four feet long and weight a hefty hundred pounds. Think of a guinea pig on steroids. A lot of steroids. Capybaras aren’t ideal for indoors. They need a yard to roam around in and like to go for the occasional swim. They’ve also got some very sharp teeth and don’t like other animals but if your want a mutant looking guinea pig then Capybaras are the way to go.

The Hedgehog

If you like to play Sonic the Hedgehog, then you’ll love having a real life hedgehog of your very own. Many folks think the hedgehog is related to the porcupine. They would be wrong. No relation at all. Hedgehogs can weigh up to a pound and half and are very low maintenance except when it comes to dinnertime. Hedgehogs eat insects. That’s great if you’ve got a cricket problem in the backyard but not so great if you need to grab a box of bugs from the grocery store. Hedgehogs are becoming so popular that many big name pet stores are starting to carry hedgehog food mixes. Yes, apparently that’s a thing.

The Pygmy Goat

Want to cut make on lawn care? Then you’ll want to get yourself a good goat. Pygmy goats are the “mini-me” of goats, and they are 100% vegan. That means all they eat will be grass, hay, and leaves. You may never have to rake again! They are about the size of a small dog and would need an outdoor shelter to live in. If you’ve got a big yard, then they can roam around in all the better.

The Sugar Glider

The Sugar Glider is native to Australia and a distant cousin to the possum. They are tiny as in 7 inches long and 3 ounces heavy. They get their name because of a membrane on their bellies that let them glide. They are also very affectionate and will bond instantly with their owner. It might be best to get a pair of Sugar Gliders because they like company. They should have an indoor terrarium space where they can climb branches and goof around as Sugar Gliders are want to do.

The Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Not only can you have a cockroach as a pet but there are some states that require you to get a license before you bring this cockroach home. What does the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach do besides hiss? Not a lot. It’s a cockroach. Put it in an aquarium with stuff to climb on. Feed it veggies or dry pellet food, and they’ll live forever. Plus, you get to say you own a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. That’s pretty cool.

No matter what kind of exotic pet you’re planning on bringing home, you’ll want to make sure there is a veterinarian in your neck of the woods that could take care of them.