5 Ways to Earn Cash by Selling Your Unwanted Stuff

The next time you clean your home, don’t think of it as a chore but as a money making opportunity. Instead of tossing out all those things you’re “done” with, why not consider selling them? Yes, your house-cleaning can become very lucrative. Here’s what to look for:

Sell Your Clothes

Of all the toys, gadgets, gizmos and collectables sold on eBay, clothing ranks as the most popular item. Want to know what category of clothing is consistently a top earner? That would be anything vintage. This doesn’t mean you need to sell Downton Abbey types of outfits. In clothing circles, vintage can mean jeans from the 80s or T-shirts from the 90s. If you have some old concert T-shirts then you could be looking at some serious cash. You might even have enough to open up your own eBay shop. Then perhaps move onto places that specialize in reselling clothes like Buffalo Exchange.

Sell Your e-Waste

Perhaps “waste” is too harsh of a word. On the other hand, all your old cell phones and laptops could be going to waste if you’re just stuffing them in a closet. Instead, recycle them for some bucks. You probably won’t get anything near what you paid for that item but even a little cash is a good thing. Start with Apple’s recycling program for your old iPhone and go from there.

Sell Your Furniture

You might be sick of looking at that sofa but somebody else would love to have it in their living room. As with clothing, the more vintage a piece, the better chance you have of landing a good price. With regard to everything else, try Craigslist. You might have to post several times before making a sale but at least it’s a free listing!

Sell Your CDs and DVDs

Yes, everyone is going digital download and Blu-Ray but that doesn’t mean CDs and DVDs are completely obsolete. There is a great site called Decluttr. It lets you input a DVD, CD or video game barcode. If there is value to that item, they’ll generate a return label and provide free shipping. You mail the thing in, you get a check. Suddenly that shelf of dusty DVDs is starting to look pretty good.

Sell Your Books

Amazon used to only sell books. Now they sell books and just about everything else under the sun. They also buy back books and resell them. If your kid has recently made it through college, those textbooks could be of great value. That same can be said for cookbooks, novels and coffee table books. Lots of money to be made with the printed page.

Anything else you can’t sell online, you might want to put out for a yard sale. When all is said and done, you could end up with a couple of hundred bucks for all your cleaning effort. Not too shabby. What are you going to sell from your closet?