6 Steps to Buying the Perfect ‘Travel-Trailer’ RV

Ah, life on the open road! What’s not to love? There’s the freedom, the adventure… everything from visiting historic national monuments to the world’s coolest roadside attractions, playing games and listening to tunes along the way. An RV is a fantastic way to tour the country — without having to unpack your suitcases at each hotel.

The RV lifestyle: It’s a metaphor for retirement. Every day, you can wake up in a new place, and every day, you can make a new plan.

Seniors dominate the market, with those age 55 to 64 historically having the highest ownership rates of RVs, according to the study. Not too surprising, as it’s an affordable way to travel, especially for those on a fixed income. Additionally, many seniors like to find a prime spot, set up home for a few weeks or months at a time and take advantage of their new surroundings.

However, before heading out to purchase your sweet new ride, remember that RV’s, come in a variety of designs and sizes.

One of the most popular type of RVs is the travel trailer. Unlike motor home RVs, a travel trailer does not contain its own engine and driving gear. Instead, travel trailers are hooked up to the back of a truck or car and pulled.

Travel trailers can be parked in RV camps and are a convenient alternative to staying at a hotel. It is important to carefully maintain your travel trailer and regularly inspect the wheels and exterior of the RV for any wear or damage.

So, What are the 6 Steps to Buying The Perfect RV?

Step 1: New or Used

Decide whether you want a new or used travel trailer. A used travel trailer will be less expensive than a newer model, and many times they can be had for a deep discount off the ‘new’ price.

Step 2: Size Matters

Decide what size travel trailer you want. Travel trailers range in length from a modest 12 feet to a mammoth 35 feet in length. The size you choose is all up to you and your comfort.  Generally, the length of trip and frequency of travel will determine what size travel trailer you want.

Step 3: Where To Park

Determine where you will store the travel trailer. Very small travel trailers may be able to sit in your driveway, but if you purchase a larger model you may need to rent a space to park it.

Step 4: Comfort

Decide what floor plan you want. Travel trailers are available in a variety of floor plans. You may select a travel trailer with a built-in kitchen, living room and bathroom. Some travel trailers even have separate bedrooms, where others have sofas that convert into beds.

Step 5: Try Before You Buy

Take it for a test drive. Whether you are purchasing a new or used travel trailer, ask to take the model for a test drive before you commit to purchase it. Even if you love the interior of the travel trailer, you may discover during a test drive that the model is bulky or difficult to haul.

Step 6: Never Pay Retail

ALWAYS Ask for a discount and yes, wait for them to go on sale. If you are planning a trip in the Spring or Summer, some of the best times to purchase an RV is during the Fall and Winter ‘off-season’ times.