6 Ways You Can De-Stress Right Now

At this very minute, are you mad enough to punch a wall? Maybe you’re so stressed that you’ve Googled “how to de-stress” and landed here. That’s a good thing because staying stress isn’t doing anyone around you any favors. It is also taking a toll on your health. That’s why you need to de-stress. Here are some easy ways to get it done right now:

1. Take a 10 Minute Walk

Stepping away from the “stress point” is the quickest way to de-stress. Stepping out into the sun and fresh air is even better. Depending on where you work, it might just take you ten minutes to get down the elevator and to the outside. A few deep breaths, and then go back up.

2. Deep Breaths

Speaking of deep breaths, those are the basis for any de-stressing program. In yoga class you would learn that the breath is called the pranayama or “life force.” Sounds very important to take in deeply and let go slowly. It’s amazing how pausing for a four second inhale and four second exhale can work wonders.

3. Go to Your Happy Place

Where is your happy place? This can be somewhere you’ve been before or somewhere you’d like to go. Wherever the place, you should have a clear visual in your mind. In moments of stress, turn away from the situation, close your eyes and go to that happy place in your mind.

4. Have a Snack

Eating something when you’re stressed isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it can help your brain release some much-needed chemicals for a calming effect. The trick is to have your stress snack in moderation. Trying to escape stress is not the time to eat an entire cheesecake. But savoring a small slice and bring about the desired soothing effect.

5. Buy Plants

At the moment of stress, you probably shouldn’t get behind the wheel of your car to go plant shopping. However, surrounding yourself with houseplants is like creating an air purifier barrier. Plants can help induce relaxation. When stressed, water those plants and tend to them. You’ll get out of your head fast.

6. Walk Away from the Computer

The source of a lot of stress could be that very thing you’re staring at to read this post. If something on your computer is making your blood boil, then step away from the computer. This is the time to go for that coffee break. You can also just spin around and give your eyes a rest. Find the nearest window and gaze.

Are you feeling de-stressed now?