What To Add To Your Foodie Bucket List

Do you consider yourself a kind of culinary Indiana Jones? Will you go anywhere to try something exotic? At your favorite restaurant, will you veer away from your “go-to” meal to sample a new taste? When was the last time you ate anything different? There is a wide world of culinary adventures to take on. All you need to bring is your pallet and willingness to try the “un-tasted.” What’s the worst that can happen? You taste something you don’t like. Call it the Christmas Fruitcake Scenario: You’ll get over it. To help expand your quest for new cuisine, we proudly present a foodie bucket list. Some of these items are site-specific. Others require you to step out of your comfort zone and into a world of epicurean delights. Get your appetites ready:


It’s French fries. It’s brown gravy. It’s cheese curds. It’s super yummy. This is considered a kind of “working class” dish made famous in Canada. By working class, they mean you won’t find it on the menu at many four-star restaurants, which is probably why you should avoid many four-star restaurants. Make sure your cheese curds squeak. You’ll know the difference when you snap into them.

Lobster Rolls

If you are someone in Nevada or Utah and there is a place advertising “fresh lobster rolls,” then you need to keep walking. A truly fresh lobster roll can only be had in New England. For your roll, “fresh” needs to mean caught that morning. There are many variations of the lobster roll. The commonalities are it’s a combo of claw, knuckle, and tail meat mix with some sort of mayo and served on a variation of the hot dog bun. Oh, so good.

Fresh Mozzarella

This idea of “fresh” for your foodie bucket list can include many things like; freshly baked bread (still warm from the oven), fresh strawberries (that you picked yourself), fresh pasta (never older than a couple of hours) or fresh whipped cream (heavy cream, sugar… whip it ’til it fluffs).

However, nothing beats fresh mozzarella. Again, if you can get this cheese made in the morning, the better you’ll be. If you find a mozzarella bar restaurant, then pack a bag. You could be there for awhile.


Despite the ironical title, this is a food item that is neither a sweet nor a bread. However, when properly prepared it is a wonderful delicacy. Spoiler Alert: Sweetbreads are made from the glands of a lamb or calf. Don’t think about that. Just eat.

Steak Tartare

Okay, it’s raw steak. But it’s also raw steak that is mixed with a pungent blend of Dijon, capers, shallots, Worcestershire and other treats. An acquired taste to be sure but for many it becomes the best way to eat steak. Who needs a grill?

Beignets From Cafe Du Monde

You have to go to New Orleans for this treat. It’s fried dough and powdered sugar. Not complicated but so fluffy and warm you’ll want to use them a pillows. Cafe Du Monde is right on the corner of Jackson Square. During the day and on weekends you won’t be able to get near this place. Just wait until the sun goes down and you’ll have plenty of room. Grab a seat by the rail and enjoy the show that is New Orleans.

What is on your foodie bucket list?