Affordable And Awesome Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. The clock is ticking. The pressure is building. Will this be Valentine’s Day date to end all Valentine’s Day dates? If you’re planning on popping the question and have a ring picked out, then you’re golden. You don’t need any suggestions for a date because whatever you do will be quickly forgotten the moment the ring comes on that finger. As for everyone else, the goal is to make it special without spending a fortune. It can happen! Let’s assume you’ll find a decent assortment of roses. That’s how you should start the day. Beyond that, here are some great suggestions for Valentine’s Day date that won’t bust your wallet.

Ice or Roller Skating

Call this the “throwback” date. If you can find a rink in your neck of the woods, then it would be a great spot to spend an hour. Plus, you can’t skate without getting close. Toss in a hot chocolate and this could be a date under $30!

Dine In

Cooking a meal for your date is going to score mucho points. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A little pasta action and a salad can do the trick. Head over to the Food Network for easy recipes. Be sure to set a nice table with plenty of candles and those roses you bought for her. As for dessert? Don’t go crazy. Splurge on something from the bakery. You’ll still come out ahead.


If you have a planetarium in your city, then it could be a wonderful spot for Valentine’s Day date. It’s also very original. As an added bonus, you might learn a thing or two.

Food Truck

A food truck might not sound very romantic unless that food truck carries your date’s very favorite treat in the whole wide world. You’ll need to do some investigating to pull this off but it will be easy to track down the food trucks in your city. Don’t just do the food truck but try to toss in a little city exploration, too. Maybe there is a monument, park or another area you haven’t visited. This is the day to do that. As long as you plan things out, take a lot of pictures and start with those roses, you’ll be okay.

Movie Night In

You could go out to the movies and drop a small fortune. Or you could stay in and make it a really special night. This is the time when you let her pick the flick or surprise her with her favorite romantic comedy. Spread out some tea candles, mix in some M&Ms in your microwave popcorn and you’ve got an intimate and sweet night.