Amazing Picnic Hacks

Warm weather means more folks will be heading outdoors and all those folks have to eat. That means it is time for a picnic. A picnic can be a fun family event, something to do on your lunch hour or a great first date. No matter where you’re setting up your picnic, you’ll benefit from putting these amazing picnic hacks into action:

  1. Roll down a potato chip bag’s top while pushing up the bag from the bottom and you’ve created the perfect snack bowl.
  2. Wrap up your sandwiches in paper. Sorry, baggies but that plastic contributes to making a sandwich get all soggy. Not good.
  3. Go for the hard roll. Speaking of avoiding soggy sandwiches, it is better to opt for a hard roll of baguette. Those bad boys won’t get mushy and they taste pretty good, too!
  4. A shower curtain under your blanket will keep it dry and clean.
  5. Use cupcake liners over your soda cans with a hole for a straw. Why? Keeps the flies and bees away.
  6. Pack your picnic cooler in layers with the objects you’ll use first on top and so on.
  7. Use straws to pack up spices. Tape one end. Fill. Tape the other end. Instant spice container. Just make sure you label them to know what is what.
  8. Freeze some bottled water. They can act as additional ice packs. By the time you get to your destination, they’ll be ready to drink. You can do the same with sodas but don’t leave them in the freezer too long or you’ll have a huge mess to clean up.
  9. If you’re making a side dish kind of something, then go for the “non-spoiling” recipes.
  • Wrap your wine in the same tablecloth or cloth napkins you’re bringing to the picnic to keep it protected.
  • Use Mason Jars to create salads. Put dressing on the bottom, and then layer in the salad goodies. When it’s time to serve, it can be poured onto a plate or eaten right out of the jar.
  • An empty glass cup or jar will amplify your iPhone music. Instant speaker.
  • If a water balloon battle is on the agenda, then freeze the balloons first and use them as ice packs.
  • If grilling, then use foil to contain all your food. Great way to mix in spices and rubs.
  • Use muffin tins to bake tiny pies.
  • Empty egg cartons make crush proof transports for things like fruit and deviled eggs.
  • Sourdough bread bowls are perfect for dips. You can actually load up the dip, put the lid on and wrap it all in plastic for transport. Any leftover bread? Feed it to the birds.
  • Frozen grapes work as ice cubes without diluting your drinks.

Now that you’ve got all these amazing picnic hacks, you’ll want to get out there and get your picnic on.