Avoid These Mistakes To Achieve Baking Success

Despite what anyone says, there is always room for dessert. If you are the one baking that dessert, then you’ll be able to provide a wonderful conclusion to any great meal. Baking is a skill that actually alludes many chefs. It is why a lot of restaurants either bring in their desserts or hire a specific pastry chef. You don’t need to aim for four-star dining with your desserts but your baking skills will be greatly improved if you can avoid making these mistakes:

Not Preheating the Oven

A lot of baking happens in “batches.” It might be that the first batch that goes into the oven won’t come out as even as the last batch because the oven wasn’t preheated. Baking is about consistency and that means even heating. It is easy to get the oven preheated while you’re mixing the ingredients. Just don’t skip this important step.

Not Using a Time

There is no excuse for not having a timer. Even if you walk away from the oven during the baking, you can still set the timer on your phone so that you won’t miss out on the finish. It might help to set that timer a few minutes early just to make sure you’re not overcooking things.

Frosting While Hot

Steak needs to rest before it should be cut into. That allows the rich juices to percolate. You also need to let your cakes or cupcakes to rest before you apply the frosting. If you try to frost them when they’re still warm, then you’ll have frosting that is turning into liquid goo. That’s not what you want on any level.

Swapping Baking Powder for Baking Soda

Although they both have “baked” in their name and they are a white powdery substance, baking powder is not the same thing as baking soda. If the recipe calls for one over the other, then be sure you have the right ingredient. Otherwise, put things on hold and head to the store!

Not Greasing Your Pans

A lot of baking requires you to transfer the baked good from pan to dish. If that pan hasn’t been properly greased before baking, then there will be trouble ahead. Nothing is worse than half of a Bundt cake coming out of the pan. The cooking spray could get the job done but the ideal approach would be to use butter all around the inside of the pan and then give it a light dusting of flour.

Opening the Oven Too Much

You absolutely should check on what you’re baking but not by opening the oven. When you do that, you let out the hot air and that messes up the baking time. It can also cause certain dessert recipes to fall. Use the oven light to check on things and only open when the timer goes off.

Avoid these mistakes and your next round of baking is sure to be a success.