Awesome Ways To Renew Your Wedding Vows

A wedding is a wonderful celebration of love shared by family and friends. It is also self-inflicted anxiety and stress of the highest order. There are many brides who have been planning their weddings since their first princess birthday party. Plenty of Grooms have their own opinions about the best way to get hitched. The hope is that those two plans can come together in a glorious celebration. Most weddings go off without a hitch, but there is always something that didn’t go right. Renewing your wedding vows is a great shot at a “do over.” It’s also a wonderful way to profess your love in front of a whole new bunch of friends and family members. When you’re ready to say “I Do” again, you might consider these suggestions:


If you’re looking for the perfect anniversary gift, then you’ll want to throw a surprise vow renewal party. You can enlist the help of friends for location and menu items. It won’t be that hard to keep the surprise a secret. You could tell your significant other that you’re going to a friend’s house for dinner. Just make sure there are a few anniversary banners hung up and lots of photos of your life together. You can even throw in a minister if you like. This is the kind of anniversary present that you’ll be scoring points with for years to come!

Vacation Renewal

You could opt to renew your vows on that second honeymoon. Maybe that first honeymoon was rushed or rained out. In the ensuing years, you both could have discovered a new favorite place to vacation. Why not renew your vows while on that trip? Renewal doesn’t automatically mean you have to throw a party. It can be you and your spouse on a beach. If kids are in the picture, then a family vacation is another perfect time to renew those vows.

Retrace Your Steps

If there is a lot of years between the first vows and these second vows, then you could try to literally, and figuratively retrace your steps. Maybe you can get back to the church where you were first married. It would also be fun to recreate the wedding photo poses as a sort of “then” and “now” pairings. The more you can come up with that you did on that special day the better your trip down memory lane will be.

Go Theme

Over the years, you and your spouse have probably developed a lot of new “likes” together. A theme renewal ceremony is a fun way to share your anniversary with friends. You could go with a Game of Thrones wedding motif. On second thought, forget that. Nothing wrong with a Halloween party to serve as the backdrop for your renewal ceremony. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned zombie wedding!

Are you thinking of an “I Do 2?”