Bathroom Hacks Everyone Should Know

Wouldn’t you like to get a year and half added back on your life? You could if you stayed out of the bathroom. That is just about how much time the average person uses up in the commode. Obviously, there are some necessary functions that need to be taken care of but an hour a day? Surely, there must be a better way? Of course, there is. It is time to learn some great hacks to save time, money and help you organize even in the bathroom. Even if you save a few minutes from searching for what you need or cleaning the shower stall, you can put that time to more productive use. See how many of these you can put into action:

  • Before Showering, Hang Your Wrinkled Clothes In The Bathroom

The steam from the shower will smooth out the wrinkles and cut down on your ironing time. More time is more time!

  • Add Magnets

A magnet strip on the inside of your medicine cabinet is great to hanging tweezers and bobby pins. A bigger magnet board in a frame can help organize makeup. If it’s metal, it can be magnetized.

  • Consider A Second Shower Rod

You can easily install a second retractable type of shower rod in your stall. Hang it along the way and you’ve got a terrific spot to hang things like wash clothes, shampoo caddies and sponges.

  • Brush Attachment For A Power Drill

Instead of wearing yourself out with scrubbing the tile, use a brush attachment for a cordless power drill and watch the soap scum vanish.

  • Use Spice Racks For Shampoos

If you’re working with a lot of shampoos and conditioners, then a couple of single shelf spice racks attached to a wall is a perfect organizer. Just make sure those shelves are wide enough for your bottles.

Rapid Fire Bathroom Hacks

  • Roll towels instead of fold them for more storage space.
  • Add a shelf above your bathroom door for those rolled towels.
  • You can also use a wine rack for rolled towels.
  • Use a plastic silverware sorter tray to keep family toothbrushes separate.
  • Soak your showerhead in a Ziploc bag of distilled vinegar for fast clean.
  • Keep space open on both sides of your shower door/curtain for better drying.
  • Wiping a mirror with shaving cream prevents fogging.
  • A stacked plate organizer works great for countertop storage of small items.
  • Hang a storage caddy on the inside of your sink cabinet for extra organization.
  • Place your Smartphone in a dry sink to amplify music playback.

Adding these simple hacks is a way of changing up your routines. That can be a good thing. How long do you spend in the bathroom every morning before work?