DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs

We all love Halloween with the kids, creating their costumes and going out trick-or-treating or attending those colorful parties. However, wouldn’t you love to dress the dogs up and take them along with you as well? Hey, you could even put together a costume for your little pup that draws attention on those daily walks all throughout the season!
You may already have a number of cute little sweaters or outfits for your dogs. This means that there could be an easy way to create costumes on your own without having to go and buy anything else. Take a look at some of these that may follow along with the kids’ costumes this Halloween:

  1. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – The kids may be dressed up as the Ninja Turtles, so a quick painting of a disposable fry pan can be attached to his back to join the team.
  2. A Lion – Got a group of animals going out for the night? Just make a little yarn-based lion’s mane for a lighter dog.
  3. A Unicorn – Walking around with other fantasy characters in your Halloween group? Simply place a little sparkling cone on top of your dog’s head with maybe a little yarn or other string for the mane.
  4. Add a Larger Tag to Their Collars – Draw up a colorful brand tag like “ty” or others to make your pups the stuffed animals traveling along with your little ones on the night out.
  5. A Cupcake – If your little dog is sweet enough to treat everyone else, share that cute little face while trick-or-treating or having a Halloween party. With a small box and some colorful felt, you can put this one together real quick!
  6. Candy – M&M’s are an easy candy to place on your dog’s back, but you may try others. Small cloth bags should be stuffed and then labeled to look like each individual piece of candy.
  7. A Little Devil or Angel – All this one takes is a cute little headdress with the halo or horns of the character your dog looks more like.
  8. Painted to a Wild Animal – You may not want to paint your dog, but adding black lines to your brown dog can make a tiger, while you can also paint a white or black dog with the opposing color to make a zebra.
  9. A Pirate – With these you can simply wrap different fabrics around your dog with that eye patch as well. A little cloth belt with a stuffed sword, and your little pirate is able to entertain the neighbors!
  10. Another Strawberry – Just like the kids’ version, you can attach red fabric around one of your dog’s tops and glue on some seeds. Add a little green stem hat and you’re there!

Now, these are only a few of the many options available, but they are all a great deal of fun! Your dog is a part of your family and can add a great deal of fun to all of the time out for the Halloween season. Good luck!