Fall Fashion Throughout The Country

Well, fall is on its way, and you likely look forward to the more comfortable temperatures, changing colors, and rotating your wardrobe.

That’s it! It’s time to get out those long-sleeve shirts, flannels, plaids, boots, jackets, and more.

There is one simple way to address the beginning of fall and keep yourself both comfortable and stylish as the range of temperatures can be so very broad throughout the day. Layers. The easiest way to leave your house during a cool morning low, with dew and possible fog, you can remain perfectly warm with that trendy short-sleeve blouse underneath your light jacket or cardigan.

We have all been facing so many other limitations on wardrobes, from being stuck at home for so much of the spring, to now wearing masks for your safety during the pandemic. Is it time to get back out there for work and other events? Then, let’s see what fall 2020 looks like in your closet!

Layer 1: The First Shirt

You may have to prepare for the warmer, sunnier afternoon in your area. Maybe your office tends to be quite warm inside. So, it is helpful to start with a short-sleeve shirt.

1. The most common button-downs are always the easiest. They come in many styles, from plain colors to patterns, and all different material types.

2. Maybe you are more casual and a cotton shirt works best. These may come in different sleeve lengths, styles, from crew-neck to boat-neck and also with the option for plain colors or various styles.

Layer 2: Everyone Needs the Right Pants

1. It’s “Jeans Season”! Okay, so jeans may not be the perfect work-wear option for everyone, but you can get those warmer jeans out now that things are cooling off. Heading out for a drink or dinner, and they look great with all the stylish boots and booties that you still love. Hey, they go with almost every different type of outfit, from blouses to sweaters.

2. Maybe you can find the proper khakis or dress pants for your needs. One definite comfortable option are dress yoga pants with pockets that can help convert your days back to the workplace.

Layer 3. Top With A Jacket Or Sweater

1. The cardigan is always the easiest warming agent during the cool mornings of fall. It can be slipped off easily in the afternoon when it warms up and stashed in your bag or left in the car.

2. Additionally, the sleeveless sweater or jacket, you can stay warm enough in the morning and take it off as you start to warm up.

And with all of your clothing pieces chosen, we come right back to it being boot season. One of the most popular boot options are those knee-high boots that go with your skirts, over your pants, and with all different styles of outfits. Maybe you even like to match your boots with a scarf in the morning, or at least one that can be wrapped around for a comfortable morning and then left behind as the day warms up.