Five Smart Hotel Hacks For Every Traveler

Will you be staying in a hotel in the near future? Perhaps you’re going away on business? Maybe you’ve got a family reunion coming up? Of course, nothing beats a romantic weekend getaway with your significant other. Call it a date-night weekend! No matter where you’re going, you can benefit from hotel hacks that have been hacked up by constant traveler. These are the tips that can save you time, money and aggravation. That is the start of a great vacation!

Hack #1: Become an Automobile Club of America Member

The AAA has been in the roadside service business since their inception but that is not all they do. They’ve also got a mighty insurance and travel business. It’s the travel side that could be a big help for your next trip. Almost every hotel and car rental place you’ll do business with offers an AAA discount. Go ahead and ask. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save. BTW, you can become a member of AAA even if you don’t drive a car.

Hack #2: Join All the Hotel Loyalty Programs

If you’re going to be staying at any chain hotel, then you’ll want to join their loyalty program. These are like frequent flyer miles for hotel stays but you can score a lot of great points like free room upgrades and meal coupons. Just note that you’ll be getting a bunch of emails from the hotels but it’s a good way to know what deals are coming up.

Hack #3: Try Booking Directly with The Hotel

Although there are some amazing deals you can find on the online travel websites, you might try booking directly with the hotel. Don’t just do it online but call up the front desk. Often they will offer “off the books” deals that could be very significant.

Hack #4: Talk to the Manager About Your Stay

We all hope for a perfect hotel stay but sometimes it’s hard to achieve perfection especially in a place with hundreds of rooms. If you have any issue, then talk to the manager. Be nice. Understand where they’re coming from. Your reward could be a reduction of your rate or an upgrade. Even if everything is great in your room but you just want a better view, then ask for it. You’ll be amazed at how accommodating a good hotel can be especially if you’re traveling off-season.

Hack #5: Rapid-Fire Hacks

And now for the rapid-fire hotel hacks:

  • Use the USB port on the flatscreen TV to charge your Smartphone and hook up your computer to stream movies.
  • Bring a dryer sheet to tape over the AC to give the room a fresh scent.
  • Clip your toothbrush to a clothespin in order to stand it up and off the bathroom counter.
  • Tell the front desk you’re on business and need Wi-Fi. Or, go to Foursquare to check out your hotel and find the passwords from helpful travelers.

What are your hotel hacks?