Five Tips for Organizing All Of Your Life

Do you waste a lot of time looking for things like keys, shoes and phones? Are you constantly running late to meetings or appointments? Does it take forever to get out of the house in the morning? All of those issues can be tied to organization. More specifically, the lack of organizing your life. Here are five tips for getting all of your life organized.

Tip #1: Make A Schedule for Every Day

Suppose you were going to drive across the country but you couldn’t use a map. Sure, you could point your car in a direction and keep going until you see water but it would be a very meandering way of accomplishing that task. That’s what going through your day without a schedule is like. It helps to write out what your goals are for the day. Just like following a map, you can make the occasional detour. However, understanding what is supposed to happen next in your day is going to make all the difference in your newly minted organized world.

Tip #2: Find A Place For Everything

Baskets. Drawers. Shelves. These are all the things where stuff goes! Yes, everything in your home needs a home. It’s also true for your work environment. This is where decluttering comes into play. Not only will it make for a better living environment but if you put your spare batteries in a specific place and stick to that, then you’ll know where they are when the remote flat lines. It’s the little things that keep you organized.

If you’re sharing your home with some “clutter monsters,” then try this: Gather up everything that is lying around and put it in a bin. Announce to all that if those items aren’t removed in 24 hours, then they will be tossed out. Watch how fast you get decluttered!

Tip #3: Say “No” Once In Awhile

Staying organized means managing your time effectively. If you followed Tip #1 and made a schedule, then you know how much free time you have. That time shouldn’t be taken up with yet another project because you said, “Yes.” You don’t have to join every committee or go to every social function or do all the favors for your friends. A little “no action” goes a long way towards keeping you on your track and reducing stress.

Tip #4: Write It Down

Researchers have come up with all kinds of methods you can use to help you remember names and items on your shopping list. Here’s the best method: write it down. With a list in hand, nothing will ever be forgotten. That will help keep you from making return trips to the grocery store for all those forgotten items. Think of how much time that could save.

Tip #5: Don’t Procrastinate

The only way a schedule will keep you organized is if you stick to it. This could mean putting down some tasks you don’t want to do like laundry, cleaning out the rain gutters or washing the dog. If those things are on the schedule and you get them done, then you’re going to feel a whole lot better about your day.

Are you ready to get organized?