Fun Facts About the Cancer Sign

Each astrological sign has a number of its own fun facts and features that are known to apply to the people born during that time. Well, in the month of July we are already in the sign of Cancer that runs from June 22 to July 22. The following are the common fun facts in reference to the Cancer zodiac sign:

  1. Cancer’s phrase: “I feel.”
  2. Cancer individuals are: Family-oriented people who are extremely protective and caring of their loved ones.
  3. Cancer’s color: Silver.
  4. Cancers are hard workers who rarely give up on anything, professional or emotional.
  5. Cancers need understanding partners due to their emotional and gentle nature.
  6. Cancers’ birthstones are ruby, moonstone, and pearl.
  7. Cancers differentiate between the superficial and significant life elements and focus on the latter, making this an important factor for all of those who work with or love them.
  8. Cancers tend to exaggerate the need for money in life and also place great value in accumulating wealth.
  9. Cancer’s lucky numbers are 4 and 6.
  10. Cancers find safety and comfort important, another factor that is helpful for those involved in the lives of Cancers.
  11. Cancer’s opposite is Capricorn, making them a match for reasonable and emotional extended relationships.
  12. Cancers are passionate people, filling all their effort with passion for everything in work, life, and love.

Thinking of all of these things, it’s fun to know of many different famous Cancers, also passionate individuals themselves. Taking great initiative in what they did in life, some of these were Selena Gomez, Princess Diana, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, and Robin Williams among many others.

With all of these features for every different sign of the zodiac, including the Leo that starts later in July, there is much to learn about ourselves and the people we love. There is nothing that requires you to be what is stated in these character traits, but they are definitely fun to picture about yourself!