Fun Oscar Facts For Your Oscar Party

The annual Oscar giveaway has been a huge global ratings draw. Folks from all over the world tune into to see who will take home the gold and what they’re wearing. Plus, there is always the hope that on the live broadcast, something amazing will happen like the time a streaker ran across the stage or Rob Lowe danced with Snow White. If you’re headed out to an Oscar party this year, then make sure you have your picks for the pool lined up. You might also want to load up on these facts to make you the smartest one in the room.

The award for shortest Oscar speeches goes to William Holden and Alfred Hitchcock. They both merely said, “Thank you.” No, thank you.

During WWII, there was a huge metal shortage. The Academy did their part by handing out plaster statues with gold paint. Talk about a letdown.

When stars need to go present an award or sneak to the bathroom, a seat filler jumps in to make it look like nobody has left the theatre. They get paid $125 for the privilege. So far, no seat filler has ever refused to give their seat back.

The current record holder for “Most Times As Oscar Host” honor goes to Bob Hope. He was host an amazing 17 times. Billy Crystal only did it 9 times. Slacker.

There has only been one tie for Best Actress. That happened in 1968 with Barbara Streisand (Funny Girl) and Katherine Hepburn (The Lion In The Winter) winning. They each got their own statue.

In all of Oscar history, there has only been one winner who was actually named Oscar. That would be famed composer, Oscar Hammerstein who picked up statues for his original songs in Lady Be Good and State Fair.

Making sure everyone feels like a winner, the Academy removed the phrase, “And the winner is…” in 1989. Since then the presenters say, “And the Oscar goes to…” That probably takes the sting out of losing.

Speaking of losing, don’t feel too bad for the nominees who don’t take home an Oscar because they still get a prize. That would be the official gift bag. There are plenty of companies who love to put presents in the bag in the hopes of getting those stars to use their products and in a roundabout way, promote them. Stars get expensive watches, spa treatments, vacations and even car leases for a year. Yes, sometimes it really is good to just be nominated.