Get Your Kid Ready For Dorm Life

This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting the last eighteen years to finally happen. Your kid is going off to college. They’ll be getting that higher education meant to set them up for a wonderful career. More importantly, they’ll also be living on their own for the first time. That’s a game changer. Of course, you’re not just packing them up and shipping them off for good. You still have a role to play even if they are several miles (or states) away. No doubt, there will be plenty of Skype calls, texts and FaceTime session coming your way. To help with the transition to dorm, you might want to make sure they have a few essentials ready.

Mini-Fridge and Microwave

Every dorm room needs these two essentials. Before splurging, make sure you check with your kid’s future roomie. If they already are bringing in the appliances, then you don’t need to double up. Space will be at a premium.

Storage Bins

Speaking of space, a few empty containers that can slide under the bed are a great place for storage. This is probably important if your kid is going to a seasonal college and needs to stow winter and spring clothing choices. Yes, they’ll have a closet and dresser but a few under the bed bins will go a long way to help with the clutter.

Comfy Bedding

You’ll want to make sure your college student gets a good night’s rest. They might not always make it to bed at a reasonable hour, but at least when they do they’ll find comfort. That should include extra long sheets because dorm twin beds are notoriously longer to accommodate tall students. You should also get a mattress pad for an added layer of protection.

Suds and Quarters

If you haven’t taught your kid how to do laundry, then there is going to be a fast learning curve. You can get them started with a big bottle of detergent and roll of quarters. When those two things run out, they’ll be on their own. Hopefully, by then they will know the drill.

Shower Caddy

You kid will be sharing a bathroom with the rest of their classmates for the next couple of years. A shower caddy that lets them carry all their shampoos and soaps will come in very handy. They might think it’s silly but they only have to use it once to be hooked. Also, a good pair of shower slippers. Two words: Foot fungus. Needs to be avoided at all costs.

Something From Home

Finally, you want to make sure your college student has something from home. It could be a digital photo album you loaded with family pictures or a keepsake from their old room. Although it would seem that dorm life is hectic and full of potential new friends, it can get a little lonely. You might also want to set up a care package schedule. Your kid will appreciate a bi-monthly box of goodies from home.