Getting A Great Deal On A Gym Membership

According to surveys, a gym membership makes it 14 times more likely that you’ll hit your makeover goals. Today’s gyms aren’t just about treadmills and free weights. They can also be a vibrant social scene with classes, spa treatments and the occasional smooth bar. It might take a little motivation to get into the gym but you should always feel good leaving that is until the membership bill comes in. Yes, gyms can be an expensive proposition which means you should actively look for ways to save. Try putting these tips to work to score a great deal on a gym membership:

Join with Someone Else

Like car dealerships, gym salespeople have quotas to meet. It’s a numbers game. That means when they can land two (or more) members in one signing session, then they will be more receptive to making a deal. There is a lot of flexibility with gym memberships and these salespeople can tap into all kinds of promotion memberships. Plus, joining with someone else sets you up to have gym buddy. That will keep your fitness goals on track.

Use Trial Memberships

Every gym has trial memberships. They want you to take the place for a “test drive.” Usually, you can request a few day passes or a week trial. You might even find a gym that will let you try out the place for a month. That will certainly give you an idea of what the place has to offer. At the end of the trial, ask for the killer deal. They know you feel comfortable in the space. All you have to do is “close.”

Sign Up at the End of the Month

Remember those sales quotas? The pressure to pump up those numbers comes at the end of the month. This is why joining in the last few days could land you a better deal or maybe waiving enrollment fees.

Look for Discount

Your company might have a wellness program that is tied to gym memberships. Find out if that is true and take full advantage of it. The gym might also offer student, military and senior discounts. Doesn’t hurt to ask!

Ask for Group Training Sessions

Every gym has personal trainers. It’s another way for them to generate revenue and those trainers need to make money, too. Some might let you train with a partner. This could cut the sessions in half in terms of what you would pay. Remember, the goal with working out with a trainer is to lock down a regimen you can eventually do on your own.