Great Gift Ideas For Grandparents

Everyone can agree: Grandparents are absolute treasures. If your grandma and/or grandpa are still around, then consider yourself lucky. If you’re a parent with kids, then having your parents in those kids’ lives is essential. You know that your parents have been waiting most of your life for you to have kids. Grandparents have absolute license to spoil those grandkids rotten. Just embrace that and move on!

There will come a time when you might want to turn the tables and give back to those grandparents. Whether it is birthday, holiday or Grandparents day, it is nice to present them with a thoughtful gift. If the grandkids can get involved with selection, then ever better. Here are a few great gift ideas for grandparents:

Photo Book

This is actually a big business with many options. You can take family photos and DIY your own photo book or turn them over to a company to do the placement work. The result will be a family photo album that is more like a book. Gone are those sticky pages with yellowed photos. Instead, your pictures will be printed and bound in a wide variety of designs. You’ll probably want to get two books made. One for you and one for the grandparent.

Family Tree

If you haven’t researched your family, then you’ve got a great resource of history with the grandparents. They are sure to have plenty of stories to tell. Get them to record the stories on video. You can also provide them with a gift certificate to Ancestry or one of the other family tree sites. This will let them go back and do some wonderful research. Not only will you appreciate finding out this information but your kids will, too!

Pet Portrait

We all know what great companions our pets can become. If your grandparents have a dog or cat they are especially fond of, then why not give them a pet portrait of the pup or kitty? You can squire the pet away for a grooming session and sneak in the portrait. Or you can send a picture to one of the many online companies who can turn a photo into a painting. Truly a one of a kind gift.

E-Book Reader

If your grandparents enjoy reading, then perhaps you can nudge them into the 21st century with an e-reader like a Kindle or Nook. These tablets are simple to set up and easy to maintain. They’re also very easy on the eyes. Be sure to add a gift certificate for additional book uploads.


This is a great gift for the grandparent who enjoys a fresh brewed cup of coffee or tea. With Keurig, you just pop in a pod, select your desired amount and a hot cup of something is just minutes away. Again, very easy to use. Plus, it’s fun to try out all the flavors.