How To Beat The Post-Holiday Blues

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the focus is on having a great holiday. It can become a whirlwind of decorating, shopping, baking and socializing. You have so much built up about the holidays and then they are over in a flash. What you’re left with are cold days and no presents to open until your birthday! This is when the post-holiday blues can kick in. Weren’t you just in a great mood?

The first step in conquering the post holiday blues is recognizing that you’re experiencing them. Translation: “Oh, so that’s why I feel blah.” Once you’ve embraced the condition it’s time to move on. Here are some ways you can beat the post holiday blues:

Special Dinners

Remember the fun of having folks over for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners. All that prep work paid off with happy friends and family members stuffed to the gills. No doubt someone uttered, “We should do this more often.” Well, you should. Why wait for a holiday to have a special dinner. You know what’s special? Saturday night. Or Tuesday. Or Sunday. You get the idea. Clearly, you don’t have to pull out all the stops and cook up the full turkey feast. The goal is to embrace those people who are special in your lives by having them around more often. You’re smiling about that already, aren’t you?

Join a Dating Service

This is for all the singles out there. You made it through the holidays without a significant other. Way to go. Spoiler Alert: Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away. Instead of sinking deeper into the blues, why not be proactive and finally join a dating sight? Commit yourself to at least three coffee meet ups before Valentine’s Day. What’s the worst that can happen? You fall in love, get married and have a kid?

Declutter Your Living Space

There’s gold in your closets. Maybe not literal gold but certainly some items you could make money with. However, the big reason to clean out your closets and declutter your living space is to make things brighter. Nothing beats coming home to a clean house. Is it grudge work? Absolutely. Can you have fun by blasting your playlist while do it? Absolutely. Get that cleaning done now and you’ll feel better about your living space.

Plan a Vacation

One of the reasons we enjoy the holidays is because we expect them to be great. That anticipation carries us through the season. Why not start anticipating something new like a vacation? Planning a cruise or a summer getaway is just the ticket to bolster your spirits. Plan it right and it will be the big topic of conversation for the next holiday gathering!