How To Create The Perfect DIY Workspace

Every homeowner becomes part handyman. There are all kinds of repairs that have to be made around the house and the more repair skills you can take on, the more you can save money. Some of those repairs might happen in your own DIY workspace. This could also be the area where you take on some big craft projects.

In order to make this a productive space you might want to consider these upgrades:

Air Conditioning

A garage can get very hot. A simple solution is to throw open the garage door and let in some fresh air but that might not always be practical. Instead, you should find a way to bring in some kind of air conditioning. This can be a portable unit or adding an air duct to your central air system. Either way, you want to keep things cool and the air circulating.

Good Lighting

Garages often have minimal lighting but if you’re working in their on detailed crafts and repairs, you need proper illumination. This shouldn’t be “bare bulbs” but instead an overhead light fixture utilizing LEDs. You should also consider adding a work light to any table you might be working over.

Additional Outlets

You will probably be running a bunch of power tools in your DIY workspace. There might also be the need to a radio, mini fridge and other electronic gear. All of this means that you have the need for additional outlets. It will also help to stock up on power strips and extension cords to make sure you can run your power to where you need it to go.

Workbench on Wheels

One of the benefits of working in your garage is the open space you have to operate in. Having a workbench on wheels will allow you to be more flexible with your DIY projects. This type of workbench can be brought out to the center of the garage and tucked away again if you need to park the car in that space.

Body Support

Depending on the project, you could be spending some time down on your knees or standing. It will help to have body support on hand in the form of knee pads. For your back, you would bring in an ergonomic chair to help when you can sit during the projects. That kind of chair is also important for those occasional much-needed breaks.

Improving your workspace will go a long way towards increasing your productivity out there.