How to Make a Cross-Country Move

The average American will make up to 11 moves over their lifetime. Most of those moves are close to home with folks staying in the town where they were born and grew up. However, there are occasions when a bigger move is on the agenda. Making a cross-country move is certainly a major change for anyone’s life. You’ll find that a lot of the preparations you would make for a move across town would apply to a move from coast to coast. The goal is to make a stress-free move.

This is how you can achieve that goal:

Make an Action Plan

It is rare that you would make a cross-country move without first investigating the area that you are moving to. Once you’ve locked onto the place where you’ll be living, you’ll want to pull together an action plan that involves making contract to local utility and cable providers. You’ll want to set up those accounts so that you’ll have that ready on your move-in day. That also means shutting off your current accounts. A cross-country move also means getting a new driver’s license and registering your car in that state. You are given time to do this but it is best to get it taken care of ASAP.

Find the Right Movers

Not every moving company specializes in cross-country moves. You want to find a company that handles these types of moves as opposed to a company who might try to sub contract the job. Those movers can also help facilitate getting your cars across the country as well. Careful packing should be no different with a cross-country move.

Make the Move a Vacation

Once you’ve packed everything up at your current home, then you have the option to either have your car towed along with your possessions or make your own cross-county trip. This is an opportunity to carve out a vacation for the family. You can make arrangements with your moving company to arrive on a specific date. That way it won’t feel like you’re in a race to get to your new home. Instead, take the time to see the country and build up some great memories.

Embrace the Change

Most people move for a job opportunity. Others for retirement or a relationship. No matter the reason for your cross-country move, you want to embrace the change that you’re taking on. You get to explore a new city and make new friends. It is a chance for a fresh start for everyone in the family and there is a lot of benefits for that. Stay focused on the excitement of the situation and not what you’re leaving behind.