How to Save on Your Electricity Bill

Your electric bill is likely one of the largest monthly expenses all across the house. While there are plenty of systems, appliances, and other gadgets that can be purchased and installed to help reduce the monthly bill, you can also follow some key tips and tricks to help lower the energy bill without spending a lot up front.

Some things that you can check to help determine updates that can help lower your electric bill include insulation, air and water leaks, window sealing, lighting sources, heating and cooling systems, and age of appliances. Thinks like regular maintenance and updates can help keep all of these running smoothly and prevent increased energy bills over time as they age.

Easiest Actions for Savings

Now, there are also some more preventative actions that you can take regarding some of these to help reduce the monthly electric bill while also helping your systems last longer. Try the following!

  1. Check seals on windows, doors, and all appliances. With sealing being up to date, processed air is not being released from any of these locations. And, seals are the easiest repair that can be made to all of these areas.
  2. Alterations to thermostat settings can help reduce the annual electric bill by a total amount of about 10%. So, things like setting back the temperature by 10-15 degrees when you are away from home or asleep can provide a great amount of savings.
  3. Adjust your refrigerator to 38 degrees and freezer to 5 degrees, temperatures at the maximum possible to keep food fresh without overworking your appliance.

Some other simple steps while cleaning the house can also help reduce your monthly electricity bill. You may think of the dishwasher more in relation to water usage, but it is part of your power as well. While using the appliance to wash your dishes uses less energy than hand washing, you can save even more energy by opening the door a little and air drying them.

So, with these things checked, you can make sure everything is energy efficient. With everything in your home using energy, you can use your fans in the summer when adjusting the thermostat, change to LED bulbs in all of your lighting to reduce the energy usage and increase the lifespan, and continue checking all windows, doors, and appliances to make sure they are working efficiently and up to date. This way maintenance is much more affordable, reducing monthly bills, and avoiding expensive replacement.