How to Stay Active All Day

Photo by Steven Lelham on Unsplash

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the time to go to the gym every day? Maybe you could take in a daily swim or a hike. A lot of folks actually do manage daily workouts but that often means it is either part of their job or they have a lot of free time during the day. The majority of folks have their day filled with responsibilities like work, family and keeping up the house. That leaves very little room for workouts. However, there are ways that you can be more active throughout the day.

Any time you make the choice to be active, you’ll benefit. Try to put these tips into action:

Walk More

Walking more is probably the easiest thing to accomplish when it comes to being more active. You just have to make the choice. When shopping, park farther away. You’ll have a cart to push when you return to your car but those extra steps can count. If you can only find a spot close to the door, then take an extra lap around the store. Remember, you’re just trying to be more active; you don’t have to turn it into a marathon!

Stand More

At work, you could land at your desk at 9 and be stuck there for hours. You should try to stand more. The extreme version of this would be to swap out your desk and chair for a standing desk. If that seems too radical, then force yourself to take a break every hour. Get up and stroll around the office. Grab some water from the breakroom. This all helps get you moving.

Fidget More

Did your mother ever tell you to “sit still?” She was only being a mom. Today, you have permission to fidget. Maybe you can swap out your office chair for an exercise ball. It doesn’t have to be permanent but a little bouncing can strengthen your core. Even little movements like drumming your legs can increase your calorie burns.

Cook More

Cooking doesn’t seem like an exercise but look at what you’re doing: You’re maneuvering around the kitchen going from counter to fridge to stove to sink. That’s a lot of activity. Plus, when you cook at home you will probably be eating healthier and saving money. Both big benefits!

Get a Dog

Owning a dog means going for a walk. Ideally, this would be at a minimum of two 20-minute walks a day. That would be 40 minutes of active exercise every single day. That’s an awesome workout by any standard. Walking a dog can burn up to 200 calories every half hour.

Time to get up and get moving!