How to Stay Cool During the Summer

Okay, we all appreciate the ability of air conditioning to keep us cool on those hot and humid summer days. However, there are so many ways that you can maintain a comfortable temperature if the A/C fails at some point or even when you spend time outdoors for some of the fun summer activities.

One of the most common cooling supplements during the outdoor summer days is your pool, but there are many other ways that you can cool off after the heat acquired from your time outside. Even if you are anywhere when the A/C goes out, or possibly the power goes out, there are some simple things that might help cool yourself off:

1. Use portable fans and ceiling fans. Even add a bowl of ice in front of the fan to blow some cool mist on yourself.

2. Use ice packs and take cold showers to help cool yourself off after long times outside on a hot day. This could even be increased drinking of ice water while you place ice packs on pulse areas like wrists, neck, and temples.

3. Avoid cooking on the stove to prevent constantly increasing the heat released into your home.

4. Keep the curtains down to help retain shade inside and be able to come indoors from the heat to a more comfortable temperature.

5. Use light bedding to help prevent the nighttime sweating that can occur when sleep time can always cause overheating. This can help you sleep better and remain more steadily comfortable for the following day.

6. Wet your curtains to help blow a slight refreshing spritz into the window by opening it during the time when there is a breeze.

7. Considering the fact that heat tends to rise, you should spend most of your time downstairs where the coolest circulated air will remain. This keeps you from desiring the need to dive outside into a pool!

8. Oddly enough, eating spicy foods on hot days, flushing a quick rush of heat through your body and helping you sweat. And remember, sweat is your body’s nature to work toward cooling off during your placement in a hot environment.

9. Plant trees or add awnings outside the windows of your home. These are able to add a great deal of shade and minimize the excessive sunlight and heat that constantly flow into the house during the longer days of the summer.

10. And, finally, you can invest in the increase of your home’s insulation. With the improved technology of insulation that is sprayed inside walls, ceilings, and attics, this provides a year-round benefit to control the temperature from outside.

With all of these options available to maintain a cooler comfort despite the external heat of the summer, you still can enjoy the water fights of a hose or sprinkler, while also using an entertaining kids’ pool to splash around! No matter what, there are always methods to keep cool water around for yourself and battle the discomfort of those overheated days.