How To Truly Unplug For a Vacation

Are you good at taking vacations? Sure, you might make some nice plans and get discounts on hotel and airfares by shopping online, but will you actually be unplugging on that vacation? That means literally cutting off contact with work. Just because you can get Wi-Fi on the beach doesn’t mean you need to use that to answer office emails. Having a truly unplugged vacation might require a total shift in your attitude. This is how to make it happen:

Embrace the Reward

Even though you are going away on your vacation, you shouldn’t think of it as an escape as much as a reward. Having the mindset of an escape implies that you might be “captured” again and have to be returned to your “cell.” In fact, that is exactly what is going to happen because when the vacation is over, you’re going back to work. However, if that vacation is a reward for all your hard efforts leading up to that time off, then you can embrace it for a job well done. Doesn’t that sound more relaxing?

Build Up the Anticipation

Your unplugged vacation should never be thought of as a “chore.” You should be anticipating the time away. You can do that by reviewing your itinerary and picking out all the eateries you want to dine at and the sights you want to see. That anticipation can fuel your last few days at work and make sure you complete everything so the desk is clear.

Delegate to Your Team

You are surrounded by strong co-workers. At least, that is the hope. Those co-workers are going to have your back when you’re away. Why? Because you’ll be doing the same for when they take a vacation. This means you should delegate to your team any tasks that need to be completed or followed up on. They can handle it without you checking in.

Talk Up Your Trip

Let everyone know that you’re going on an unplugged vacation with an emphasis on the unplugged part. You’re making a commitment to this time off from work. When your co-workers know that then they should be less inclined to reach out to you. If they think that your vacation is no big deal, then what is to stop them from calling?

Go Far Away

A staycation is when you stay at home and enjoy all the fun of your own city. There is a lot to be said for that but not for an unplugged vacation. You need to go far away. If you can find a place with lousy internet connections and phone service, then all the better!

Your unplugged vacation should be savored like enjoying a glass of fine wine. Add that to the list, too!