IPhone Rumors; What’s the Latest & Greatest Apple Has in Store?

If iPhone freaks were asked, what they really want in the upcoming version – would they like to go big or they would like the price tag to go a little down; they would most likely say both are needed.

The rumors have it that this year, 3 new iPhone models will be launched.

One will be an extra-large phone; even bigger than the iPhone X.

Also, rumor has it that the new version of iPhone X will be a little cheaper too so that majority of people can get their hands on it.

Now who wouldn’t love a bigger and better and cheaper version of iPhone X?

Prices have never been an issue to Apple, Inc.  The iPhone X was the priciest phone of all, still it was the best seller for the first three months in 2018.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have been adored a lot too as they have sold out a lot and come on the 2nd and 3rd position right after iPhone X.

A great boost up is also expected in the processing system and that is a major plus as iPhone already offers great speed and functionality. Higher screen resolution and an extended battery life is also said to be experienced in the new iPhone 2018.

A constant fight is experienced between Android and IOS and although a lot of features are added in by Android phones, every year, the Apple fans seem to not care at all. People who are addicted to the IOS system cannot admire Android, no matter what. But, as Android is making some significant changes in its camera and image quality, Apple has to take it up another notch and that makes it harder for Android smartphones to reach.

Android seems to be taking up the technology and advancement game but we are definitely expecting something charming and wonderful for the next iPhone. However, the rumors that the new version of iPhone this year will have 3 rear cameras is enough for Apple fans to drool over it and grab it as soon as it comes out. IPhone already does a great job with 2 rear cameras so we can seriously imagine what quality the new version iPhone can be capable of! We seriously cannot wait to check it out and review it!

No final release date has yet been announced by Apple and we all know that it is not going to come by any sooner. We have to wait for at least a month or two till the dates start rounding up. Also, there are no names given out till yet by the company. There are rumors that the new versions can be named iPhone X Plus, iPhone 11 or maybe iPhone X2; but you never know! Some researchers say that iPhone might bring back its S series; remember the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s and 6s Plus? We might get an iPhone XS or X2S?!

Stay tuned!