Why Malta Is So Much More Than A Popular Travel Destination

Zagline is here to give you information about this small country by the Mediterranean Sea. Very little is written about Malta which is why we’ve chosen to highlight this beautiful country which is not only rich in beauty but in history.

Malta’s Vital Role During WWII

Due to Malta’s geographical location, it served as a vital base during WWII. History tends to focus on the Allied and Axis Powers, but like Matla there were countries in Europe located between these two powerhouses that were forced to become players in the game. Malta served as a base for the Allied Powers and as a result, suffered heavy bombings by German and Italian aircrafts. When the war was done, Malta was left in shambles. As a result of their wartime efforts Malta was presented with the George Cross, a British award for great gallantry.

After the war, there was a large movement in Malta for self-governance and in 1964 they gained their freedom from Britain and joined the Commonwealth (which is composed of a number of former British dependencies). Malta was officially declared a republic in 1974 and became a part of the European Nations in 2004. Although the people of Malta suffered greatly as a result of war, it was this conflict that gave rise to their independence. Visiting the country today, you wouldn’t be able to imagine the hardship that war had on the people and infrastructure.

Malta’s Independence Results in A Blossoming Country

In 1964, Malta became an independent state after gaining its sovereignty from The United Kingdom. This country is quite young having only reached independence in the last century. Following their independence, the country began to prosper. Malta gained new museums, hotels, and bars. They were even able to restore their golden-stone fortresses which suffered damages during the war.

Malta’s Capital Valletta Is the Perfect Tourist Destination

Valletta was a city built by “gentlemen for gentlemen”. This city definitely has a classy feel. Complete with narrow roads, colorful homes, beautifully painted ceilings, and breathtaking views this city has become a popular tourist location. There are buildings that remain from the 16th century, therefore this is a prime location for any architecture fanatic. Have a green thumb? Valletta is full of beautiful gardens to awe and admire. Many celebrations are held in Valletta every year, including music festivals, carnivals, and feasts. Next time you’re in Europe, think about stopping by Malta chances are you’re only a short plane ride away.