Memorial Day Weekend Ideas

You likely know that Memorial Day weekend is coming up upon us very quickly. Despite all of the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year, there is much more available this year. With all of the vaccinations being provided, and many locations reducing in COVID cases, there are options for weekend getaways and family events to enjoy over the long Memorial Day weekend.

Obviously, one of the easiest and most affordable options will be a weekend planned for fun together right at home. Some intriguing options include the following:

  1. Create your own tropical or spicy getaway right there at home. Work on dishing up your own menu items, cocktails, and activities that would be found at your desired location like Mexico, Jamaica, or any others.
  2. If the kids are looking for entertainment, but you don’t want to head to the park just yet…recreate Disney World! Hey, it may not be exact, but you can flood your entire weekend with Disney activities and films and engulf the kids in playtime.
  3. If you haven’t had much stress relief and relaxation over the past year, especially when working at home so much, a spa day (or weekend!) could be fun. Maybe some friends and relatives could provide an entertaining and relaxing weekend for some quality personal care.
  4. And, with anyone in your home, be it the kids or a roommate, or just your spouse, you can play “Hotel” with each other. Take turns making meals for room service, or order out. Spend the weekend lounging in your robes and drink from the minibar! Oh…and don’t forget those delicious desserts.
  5. The kids may not have been out and about much either, especially without school and their friends, so a campout in the backyard could be a blast. You could set up an outdoor movie show, a fire pit to roast hot dogs and marshmallows, and much more. And with much more safety trusted having groups together outside, the kids could have a couple of friends over as well!

So, no matter what, there are plenty of options to help get Memorial Day weekend going with some fun activities. Despite the fact that the past year has been weighed down by the pandemic, we have the option to start breaking free. Just plan carefully and there will be plenty of fun this Memorial Day weekend!