Why You Need To Experience A Silent Disco Now!

Imagine a venue full of charismatic facial expressions, neon-lit headgear and swaying bodies surrounded by utter silence. A silent disco, party, or rave is an event where people gather and dance to music while wearing headphones. There are no speakers, meaning that if someone were to walk past the venue they would have no idea a party is going on inside.

There are different takes on silent dance parties. The simpler version involves attendees downloading a pre-prepared playlist, bring their own headgear, and everyone plays the same playlist in unison. The party relies and depends on individuals to show up on time.

Other more elaborate silent parties include rental headgear that lights up and multiple DJ stations to choose from. These events allow the user to have the majority of control as opposed to traditional clubs where the DJ can play whatever they desire. The color of light up headphones corresponds to which DJ’s station they are currently listening to. It’s liberating because the mood of the night is controlled by the user. This color feature allows users to easily identify others with similar musical taste. Plus, there’s also a weird psychology about wanting to adhere to what the majority is listening to and wanting to rebel by listening to the station with least amount of visitors.

Why People Love Going To Silent Parties

One of the biggest benefits of silent discos is that there is no noise disturbance. You may feel like the music is blasting any outsider just sees people swaying in silence. As a result, you’ll never get noise complaints and you can control the volume of sound you’re hearing. In typical venues, the front of the crowd receives the best quality sound while those in the back often struggle to hear the music at all. Silent parties offer a personalized experience for all attendees.

Why Some People Are Skeptical

Most outsiders find this environment quite eccentric. It’s difficult to come into a silent party without a negative bias because it’s the opposite of what many of us consider to be the norm. Even the creator of Quiet Events Inc, one of the most popular silent festival companies had reservations about attending his first silent event. However, he fell in love with the experience and now loves to challenge people to step outside of their comfort zone.

One of the biggest complaints come from headphones making it harder to converse. Some might think that removing your headgear and having a conversation may be easier due to lack of noise but it can be extremely awkward. Imagine yourself surrounded my dancing individuals attempting to have a conversation, it sounds like something out of a horror movie. Although, others disagree and believe that this feature is beneficial as you don’t have to scream simply to be heard.

Where Can You Experience Silent Discos?

They are being incorporated in some of the biggest music festivals. Silent parties have been part of Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Governors Ball. There are quite a few companies which now offer silent party events with the biggest being Quiet Events. Silent discos might just become mainstream and there may be designated venues just for silent events now.

Have you been to a silent dance event? Are you interested in attending one? Let us know!