New Laws For The New Year

January 1st is the day we throw out our old calendars and start to work on all those resolutions. It’s also the day when new laws all across the country go into effect. Most of these laws don’t make the news but the ones that stand out could be considered “game changers” in terms of how many people they’ll impact. Here then is a quick look at some new laws for the New Year that folks will be buzzing about:

Move to Vermont For Cash

Is Vermont running out of people? According to the governor, they’re having a “demographic problem.” This is why they’re offering folks $10,000 over two years if they move into the state and work for a company outside of the state. Essentially, if you can work from home you can get $10 grand. That will pay for a lot of maple syrup.

No Pay History

In Connecticut and Hawaii, it is not illegal for employers to ask anyone applying for a job what they were paid on their previous gig. Ten other states already have a version of this bill on the books. It’s actually a nice worker protection because it prevents companies from “under cutting” salaries.

No Foam for You

In New York, foam food containers are officially banned. Apparently, these have been clogging up streets, landfills and waterways and New York isn’t having any of it any more. That is a big change for any restaurant with take-out which is essentially every restaurant. Some smart person has stepped up with an alternative to these containers and will be making a fortune.

No Fake Pets

Washington’s big new law is cracking down on people that claim their pet is an emotional support pet but really isn’t. The problem was that everyone was claiming support pets and that got in the way of legitimate support pets from being utilized. A pet that is for emotional support needs to be certified.

Rescue Pets

Speaking of pets, in California, all pet shops now must sell animals from shelters. This could mean getting those shelters empty which is everyone’s goal. California also made it legal for judges in divorce proceedings to consider sole or joint custody for a pet. Like kids, they will determine what is in the best interest for the pet.

Beers for Everyone

Finally, Colorado has lifted a law that was leftover from prohibition. Now grocery and convenience stores can officially sell beer.