Power Up Groupon To Save Big Money

Have you Grouponed yet? No? Then you’re missing out on an awesome amount of discounts. Groupon is a mega discount site that offers daily deals targeted to your specific neck of the woods. You sign onto Groupon with your email address and local. Then you get to pick the type of discounts you’d most appreciate. Categories include foodie, fresh air, home improvement, things good for kids, pampered, pet lover, healthy living. Once you’ve focused on an area, you’ll be presented with daily deals. You buy those deals directly through Groupon for the advertised and deeply discounted price, print out the Groupon coupon and off you go. Piece of cake right? Here are some important tips you should follow to help you power up Groupon to save big money.

Read the Fine Print

Ahhh, the dreaded fine print. The very bane of our existence as consumers. Every Groupon deal comes with fine print details. There could be restrictions on when you can use the Groupon. There might be a time limit. Bottom line: Read the bottom line.

Wait Before Your Buy

You’ll find many Groupon deals are for groups. Great for when you have a gathering planned for the coming weekend. However, if you’re not sure of all your friends schedules, you might want to coordinate first before committing to Groupon. There are some Groupons that are easy to click and buy without giving it a second thought but you really want to think before you buy because once your do you’re stuck with the deal.

Check the Reviews

Since we all have opinions about everything and we now get to share them online, cross check your Groupon with online reviews especially if it’s a new place you’ll be going to. What good is getting a discount at a restaurant that has been universally panned by reviewers? This is especially important if you’re using a Groupon for traveling. It would be horrible to plan out your dream vacation only to end up at the Bates Motel.

Once you have used a Groupon, you should share your views, as well. Business will appreciate a good review and can learn from the not so great reviews. Groupons are also good ideas to give as gifts. Everyone appreciates saving money. Happy shopping!