Save Your Marriage By Confronting Debt

As the saying goes, “money is the root of all evil.” It turns out, that it might also be the root of many divorces. Far too many couples aren’t having honest discussions about their finances. As a result of that, resentment builds up between the spouses. When one person thinks they’re doing all the work and other is doing all the spending then the situation worsens. That is why you need to confront your debt to help save your marriage. Here’s what you should do:

Focus on the Goal

If the goal of a couple is to get out of debt or to save for a down payment for a home, then they have to focus on that goal. That will mean living within their means. You might have to sell off the fancy sports car or drop the country club membership. This is less about keeping up appearances as it is about building a solid future for your relationship. Isn’t that more important than trying to impress others?

Get a Full Financial Picture

You can only work towards your goal of financial security as a couple when you have the full picture. This means putting all the financial obligations on the table. All the credit cards, loans, and other monthly payments have to be culled together into a budget to understand what you’re up against. Once everything is known, then you can work together to find ways to save and pay down debts. This might be embarrassing for some when it comes to pass extravagant purchases but it has to be done.

Get Outside Help

If you find it is difficult to talk about these issues with your partner, then there is obviously something else going on. This might be the time to seek out professional help like a couple’s counselor. There is no shame in having an objective listener to help you find ways to communicate with each other.

Keep Planning

Although the primary focus is to get out of debt and onto sound financial footing, there is no reason why you can’t keep planning for a positive future. It might mean buying a home will have to wait for another year or two. In that time, you can become clear about your wants and needs all the while investigating neighborhoods. If you start saving in earnest, then perhaps you can set up a vacation fund that will allow you to splurge on one of your shared bucket list destinations. Having hope for a bright future will make all this hard work worth the effort.