Search The Stars Online!

In today’s modern hi-tech world, we can converse with people halfway around the world with a computer mouse click. The Internet has opened up a whole new world of information and communication. Well, the field of astronomy is no exception. It has ushered in a new way of viewing the heavens – through an online telescope.

Through the comforts of our own homes, we can now capture, view, and study images obtained through observatories of celestial bodies throughout the cosmos. In addition, the Internet has allowed us to view new worlds beyond our own by accessing an online telescope.

How Does an Online Telescope Work?

An online telescope for viewing the stars and planets is relatively easy once you understand what information is required. You first will need to coordinate the viewing times and dates. Participating observatories will coordinate your request, generally initiated through your email, and schedule the event. You should receive an email back from the observatory confirming the subject sighting, date, and time.

Just having access to some of the top observatories’ telescopes for your own personal stargazing needs is incredible. The only thing better than viewing the universe through the online telescope images would be to have your own live online telescope. Unfortunately, this option would cost millions of dollars and exceed our stargazing budgets for most of us.

Different Online Telescope Viewing Options

When you make your request to the observatory, you can ask that the online telescope be utilized in a few different ways:

Specify Certain Astronomical Coordinates

The first viewing method will be specific to certain coordinates. For example, the coordinates may correspond to the position of a particular star, planet, solar system, etc. Suppose you are confused about the specific coordinates to provide the online telescope observatory. In that case, catalogs of the celestial bodies and their respective locations are available.

Request a Specific Planet, Star, or System

Another method that might be easier is to request a specific star or planet be photographed by the online telescope. The observatory can also provide a more general image of larger areas of space. In addition, the participating observatory may grant requests for the use of different colored filters for your images.

If you want to experience the power and quality of a multi-million dollar piece of astronomy equipment, go to the Internet and search for ‘online telescope’ or ‘camera online telescope.’

There you will find participating observatories willing to open up the universe to you through their telescope’s exceptional images of the cosmos!