Stay Motivated With Your Gym Workouts

The enemy of the gym workout is the snooze button but you know this. After carefully mapping out your sleeping time and how long it will take to squeeze in a workout before work, you set the alarm. In the morning the buzzer goes off and you hit snooze. Just ten minutes of snooze is enough to through the entire schedule off. And has there every been just one “snooze cycle?” Now when you wake up, the morning is shot and you can’t possibly make it to the gym. That is the kind of daily scenario that can crush your workout motivation. There has to be a better way, right? There is and these are the tips that can get you there:

Break Your Own Rules

You’ve got a plan for your workout and that starts on Monday. Followed by Wednesday and Friday session. But if you can’t start on Monday, then what? You have to wait until Wednesday? No! Get into the gym on Tuesday. Break your rule!

Find a Workout Buddy

Most folks at the gym power through solo routines. However, there is nothing wrong with bringing a workout buddy along. You don’t have to share the same machines or regimens but it will help “keep you honest” if you make a commitment to pick up or be picked up by a friend. They’ll benefit to and yes, you can both grumble on the way but feel great when it is all done.

Don’t Focus on the Finish

There is nothing wrong with having a visual goal in mind of what you want your gym workout results to be. But getting those six-pack abs is going to take time and devotion. You might see a few early ripples in the first couple of weeks but when you’re strictly focused on looking for the outward changes, you might be let down. Instead, think of all the benefits you’re providing for the inside of your body. That’s the real motivation.

Take the Tag

You tag a lot on social media. Why not tag your gym workout? This is a great way to get some boost from your friends and shows them you’re committed to the program. You can’t fake a gym tag!