Swimming Holes to Check out this Summer

Surely you know that the backyard or local swimming pool is the best place to take a dip and cool off during the hottest summer days. But it’s hard to know where to simmer down if you don’t have access to a pool during your vacation. We all know that it’s much easier at home with your own systems, but there are plenty of locations to find a natural swimming hole for a fun and cool vacation this summer.

Even more than all this, did you ever think about how boring those daily trips to the pool can be? The same people, the same place, and nothing new at all. So, it might be helpful to head out into nature on an American road trip, dipping your feet in all the cool natural oases you can find along the way!

Start with some of the following for your extraordinary trip to the “coolest” spots across the US:

  • Barton Springs Pool – Austin, TX
  • Santa Rosa Blue Hole – Santa Rosa, NM
  • Paradise Forks – Williams, AZ
  • The Homestead Crater – Midway, UT
  • Boiling River – Yellowstone National Park
  • Warren Falls – Warren, VT
  • Madison Blue Spring – Madison Blue Spring State Park, FL
  • Sliding Rock – Brevard, NC
  • Falling Water Falls – Hamilton County, TN
  • Aztec Falls Swimming Hole – San Bernardino National Forest, CA
  • Blanchard Springs Caverns – Stone County, AR
  • BRidal Veil Falls – Tallulah Gorge State Park, GA
  • Firehole River Swimming Area – Wyoming
  • Diana’s Baths – Bartlett, NH
  • Little River Canyon – Alabama
  • Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park – Missouri

With all of these available in the continental US, it’s nice to know that this is only a small portion of the hot spots (or, “cool” spots as they serve their purpose) nationally. So many more are available much farther off in Alaska and Hawaii, while plenty of others are available around the world. Most likely any place you would like to vacation this summer, you will be able to find a nearby swimming hole to help cool off during the hottest days. Head out and enjoy the most natural vacation activities with these swimming holes as a change from the traditional day at the pool!