Take Advantage of Free Stuff Everywhere

There are many folks who ascribe to the adage, “The best things in life are free.” Who can blame them? We all like free stuff, right? Why do you think the Food Sample Lady is so busy at Costco? It’s because even a small taste of something free is like getting a prize. Ironically, there are plenty of free things we could be getting every day. You just have to know where to look. As for your birthday, you can be smothered in free stuff if you pre-registered at certain businesses. Free also means saving money. Any time you don’t have to buy something, you get to keep your dough. Here are some of the free things you should be taking advantage of.

A Whole Lot Of Amazon

Anyone remember when Amazon just sold books? Now they’re making a huge play in the streaming industry. Each day they have a Free Song of the Day that you can download as an MP3. There are also plenty of free songs and albums available. Where might you find these? That would be in the Free Songs & Special Deals Section of the music department. Head over to the Kindle store and you can also download a lot of free books. But wait, there’s more! If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, which means you pay one annual fee to cover your shipping costs on most of your purchases. As a Prime member, you get to download free movies and TV shows. It’s endless!


Suppose you’re starting your first home-based business. You’re going to need some business cards. Head over to Vistaprint where you get 250 free business cards. You just pay for the shipping and processing. Great way to start your business.

Free Apps

If you have a Smartphone then you already know there are hundreds of free apps you can download. Over at freeappaday, you can also download the pay apps for free! Hence, the title of the website. The hitch is that the free apps are only free for 24 hours. Perfect site to bookmark and check in every day.

Free Wine & Cheese

This might be more of an awesome date night suggestion. If you want some free wine, look up “wine tasting” in your neck of the woods. Whoever is sponsoring the tasting would love you to buy a bottle or two but you probably can get away with a few free glasses for your trouble. Also, local art galleries are always having openings with loads of wine and cheese. Get on the email list.

Birthday Bonanza

Speaking of email lists, you should check out every single coffee house, restaurant, bar and ice cream parlor you visit. Chances are they have a free birthday present waiting for you. Who might be included? Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry, Benihanna, Black Angus, Boston Market, Buffalo Wild Wings and that’s just some of the “B’s!” We’re also not just talking a cup of coffee (Starbucks) but an entire meal at some of these places. It’s free! Why aren’t you taking full advantage? What’s the most free stuff you every got on your birthday?