The Best Approach For Being Successful In Your Life

If there is one thing that we all have in common, it is the number of hours in a day. That would be 24 hours for everyone. What you do in those 24 hours will determine your level of success. Success can be created at many levels. You don’t have to wake up this morning and earn a million dollars by lunch (although that would be nice!). Instead, you can make each day a success and build incrementally towards your big goals for your career, family and relationships.

To start building your success, you’ll want to put these tips into action:

Start Positive

A study from the Mayo Clinic found that positive thinking can actually help a person reduce the level of stress in their life and improve their overall wellbeing. That positivity should start when you first wake up with a mantra that will carry you through the day. A mantra is a short phrase that you kind of “seer” into your mind and use it to fill in the “blank time” when you want to refocus your energies. You can use the same simple mantra each day such as, “Today is going to be a successful day.” Or you can rotate your mantra’s. You can jot that mantra on a Post-It the night before and slap it on your bathroom mirror so it is the first thing you read upon waking up.

Be Proactive

When you are proactive, you are in charge. How does that relate to success? It starts with your emails and social media accounts. If you check those first thing in the morning, then you’ll be slipping into a reactive mode. You’ll be responding to all of those emails and posts and that puts you onto someone else’s agenda. There might be some emails from work that you’ll have to deal with. Wouldn’t it be better to deal with those at work and during work hours rather than letting those interfere with your time at home? Unless the subject line is, “URGENT” the email can wait until you’re fully ready to respond. Bottom line: Stay focused on your priorities as much as you can.

Visualize What Success Looks Like

Can you spare 5 to 10 minutes a day just to clear your thoughts? That is the time when you want to visualize what your immediate and long-range success looks like. If you’re giving a presentation that day, then visualize how you want it to play out. If you’re saving to buy a new car, then put yourself in the driver’s seat and take it for a test drive in your mind. Those visualizations can become a powerful “road map” to help you achieve those success-oriented goals.

Read More

This goes back to the issue of being proactive. You probably do a lot of reading in the course of your day but how much of that reading is for your own pleasure? When was the last time you actually read a good book? Reading is relaxing but it can also be a powerful brain boost that elevates your intelligence. That can manifest in the rest of your life for a lot of added benefits towards success.

Be Accountable

You can achieve success in your life but you will rarely achieve it on your own. It always helps to have the support of friends and family to cheer you on. However, you also want to be held accountable for achievements around your career. This is where the concept of having a mentor comes into play. This mentor might be a trusted friend who understands your career path. It could be a former teacher or therapist. Whoever it is, you can set your goals with that person who will have the task of checking in with you to make sure you are hitting those goals. That will keep you on track for sure.

As the saying goes, “Success is what you make of it.” What will you be making today?