Tips For A Fun Disney World Vacation

It is official: Disney World is the happiest place on earth. Actually, that was the slogan for the first Disneyland in California but it would certainly apply to Disney World in Orlando, too. If you’re planning a family vacation to Disney, then you’re in store for an amazing time. There is going to be a lot to take in and that is why these tips can help make sure your Disney World vacation is as fun as it can be.

Make a Plan

Disney World is huge. There are probably rides everyone in the family wants to try because they heard they were super awesome. The night before you hit the park, you should break out a map (they’ll be readily available) and plot out your course for the day. You’ll see in an instance that some of the most popular rides are spread out all across the part. Make a priority list and try to coordinate your movements so that you’re not spending time crisscrossing the park.

Bring Snacks & Water

Just like an airport terminal or movie concession stand, the food and drinks inside the park are going to be expensive. That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in lunch or dinner at a special restaurant or pick up one of those unique treats. But to keep from going thirsty or just to have an energy boost in the middle of the day, consider bringing your own small snacks and bottles of water. The money you save can go towards mouse ears!

Go Early

Disney World is not for late sleepers. Disney World passes can help you move fast on the lines. But the park opens a little bit before the rides open. That’s when you want to go. You can beat the crowds to the big rides be showing up when the park opens.

Ask the Staff to Snap a Photo

You’ll be taking plenty of photos on your trip but unless you’ve mastered the selfie-stick, you might miss out on some poses with the characters. Don’t worry. Just ask a passing staff member to snap the photo. They’ll be happy to.

Download the App

Yes, Disney World has its own app. You’ll want to download that and sign up for your fast-passes early. You can get up to three per day in advance so choose wisely.

Plan for a Sit Down

Disney World isn’t just about the outdoor rides. There are plenty of sit down shows you can relax with. The best time to take a break is between 2 – 5. That’s when the sun it at it’s hottest and relaxing in the cool air conditioner of a show is the way to go.