Ultimate Vacation Adventure: A New Zealand Walkabout

As landmasses go, New Zealand is the last one to be settled by humans with carbon dating putting the early settlers on the island only since 1250. The indigenous people of New Zealand are the Maori and their wonderful heritage and culture infuse a lot of what makes New Zealand a magical place to visit. When you meet a Maori, press your nose against them. That is the traditional greeting. Can you ever stay mad with someone if you say, “hello” by rubbing noses? Beyond taking in the Maori culture, there is plenty to see and do in New Zealand. That’s what makes it a perfect pick for your next ultimate vacation adventure.

Walk Like A Hobbit

As any Lord Of The Rings fan will tell you, New Zealand is where director Peter Jackson chose to film the majority of his trilogies. He returned for the Hobbit films and now you can follow in the footsteps of Frodo, Bilbo and Gandalf with a tour of Hobbiton. There were over 250 New Zealand locations used in the filming of the six LOTR films. There are also numerous tours that let you retrace the steps of the film crews. If you’re going to walkabout New Zealand, then you might as well do it like hobbit would.

See The 8th Wonder Of The World

Rudyard Kipling dubbed Milford Sound as the 8th Wonder of the World. One look at this amazing area and you’ll see why. Milford Sound was recently voted as the top travel destination in the world. That would be the entire world. What can you do here? A boat cruise will cover the area nicely but to get closer you might opt for a kayak rental. That will let you hop off at any shoreline and go on your own private nature hike. You’ll have all the screen saver wallpaper you’ll ever need!

Whale Watching

What are your odds for seeing a whale in the waters around Kaikoura? That would be around 95%. In other words, “there be whales there!” Book a whale watching tour early to make sure you’ve got a spot on the cruise. Make sure your cell phone is charged!

Look Up

Another distinction about New Zealand is that is has some of the best vistas for stargazing. You’ll want to head over to the Mt. Cook National Park for the best views. During the day, you can hike the mountain trails and by nightfall take in the star show. It’s a powerful connection to nature.

Does it seem like New Zealand is more of an outdoor type of vacation? Well, it is. This is a land that you want to explore on foot, by boat or even chartered helicopter. You’ll be going to some remote spots to be sure. Are you ready for your New Zealand walkabout?